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Growing Marijuana Tips was founded in 2012 with the following goals in mind:

  • To become a trusted online resource for people who want to learn how to grow marijuana.
  • To provide reliable and easy to understand marijuana growing tips and advices.
  • To create a place where medical and recreational marijuana enthusiasts can come and help each other regarding marijuana growing and other topics in the marijuana world.

Growing cannabis can be easy if you have the right growing supplies like marijuana seeds, soil, lighting, nutrients, pest control, growing environments, grow methods and many others. We have covered them here. This website contains some of the best tips, information, and product and seedbank reviews so that we can help you get the best out from your marijuana plants.

Our Most Popular Contents

Growing Elite Marijuana Review

Ryan Riley's Growing Elite Marijuana has been dubbed as the "marijuana grow bible" because it has become a phenomenal marijuana growing guide. Is it worth all the hype? You might ask. To answer that, we purchased Growing Elite Marijuana so that we can come up with this honest review. Read our Growing Elite Marijuana review so that you can decide on whether or not buying i [...]

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How to Take Care of Marijuana Seedlings

After germinating the marijuana seeds and you see that they have already fully sprouted, special care must be given to the young cannabis seedlings since they are very delicate during this stage.  You can get a lot of information on how to grow marijuana from websites and forums but getting a complete how to grow weed book like the Growing Elite Marijuana eBook by Ryan Ril [...]

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Guide on Marijuana Flowering

After the vegetative phase of cannabis growing, the next stage is the flowering time in which the plants will start to bloom and produce buds. The flowering period is the time for you to decide whether you want only female plants that produce buds or you want to retain some males for pollination. Whether you want the weed plants for pollination or mainly for bud production, pro [...]

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Swazi Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Swazi Seeds

The Swazi marijuana strain is a pure Sativa strain that originated from Swaziland, for which it got its name. This weed is a very tall plant, growing up to 3 meters in height and could produce up to 13 blades of leaves. Because of this, this pot has easily become one of the most sought after cannabis strains. Another characteristic of this plant is that the buds are very sticky [...]

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Our Most Recent Posts

Crop King Seeds Purple Kush Review

Purple Kush is an internationally famous cannabis strain because of its strong taste combined with high levels of THC. The Purple Kush variety offered by Crop King Seeds is feminized. It grows into a short plant which is characterized by dense buds filled with orange and white hairs. It is also a strain that is known for its versatility in any given growing method and environme [...]

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Non-Marijuana Plants that Contain Cannabinoids

There is no question that marijuana has attracted the attention of the world being among the most valuable plants in the world in terms of medicinal use. However, do you also know that there are also other spices and herbs that contain cannabinoid, the substance that is active in cannabis? It is a chemical compound which works by interacting together with the regulatory system [...]

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5 Reasons why You Should Get High when you are Heartbroken

Studies show that marijuana can actually help with deep depression, the pain of losing someone you love, as well as other conditions such as heartbreak. The pain of losing somebody you really love has a great power in messing up your life. After spending a long time with somebody you love in a relationship in a breakup, you may easily become weak, disheveled, sickly depresse [...]

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Top 3 Companies that Allow Employees to Use of Marijuana

It seems to be the ultimate dream of most marijuana users to freely get high anywhere, especially at work. Well, some people are already experiencing this. The list below highlights the top 5 companies that allow the use of marijuana. Inside the premises of these organizations, gone are the days when employees had to go to the back alley just to hide will smoking, or dousing yo [...]

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Top 5 Hotels that Allow Marijuana

In the state of Colorado, marijuana tourism is a huge thing. While a lot of people are now beginning to accept the market in this industry, it is still early to conclude on some things. As a matter of fact, a lot of commercial lodging companies are still working towards defining their rules and policies, while some are still quite hesitant to publicly introduce their hotels as [...]

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Top 10 Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

Marijuana is considered legal, not just for medical use, but also for recreational purposes in some states now. After over a year since Colorado opened this market officially to the public, it has been evident that millions of dollars in profits were made in this industry, with several thousands of jobs opened. Despite the rate in development, it is clear that the economic gain [...]

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Optimize your High with these 5 Marijuana Hacks

When we say hacks, we are talking about tips, secrets, techniques that will allow us to get things that are better, bigger and faster. They are usually achieved in a shorter and more efficient way.  Believe it or not, there are also some hacks that can be applied to marijuana smoking. For one, there are hacks that will allow you to optimize your high. Is it even possible? How [...]

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5 Countries Where Marijuana is Cheap

If you have turned to marijuana for your regular consumption, you definitely want to make sure that you can get the most out of it without burning a hole in your pocket. Unfortunately, however, this rare commodity is not priced equally in all countries. There are some that have to deal with its high prices, while some are just naturally blessed with cheaper options. The followi [...]

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