5 Reasons why You Should Get High when you are Heartbroken

Studies show that marijuana can actually help with deep depression, the pain of losing someone you love, as well as other conditions such as heartbreak. The pain of losing somebody you really love has a great power in messing up your life.

After spending a long time with somebody you love in a relationship in a breakup, you may easily become weak, disheveled, sickly depressed, restless, and even suicidal at times. There are even some who just want to shut the world behind them, feeling disconnected with reality. As a result, you may end up feeling worthless, sick, crazy, and sleepless. The good news is that, you can easily find an alternative solution to this problem. The thing is, the pain cannot be easily removed, but you can find ways to get over it. One way to do so is by getting high.

The following are 5 effective reasons why you need to get high especially when you feel heartbroken:

Euphoria and Creativity

THC is considered as a psychedelic medicine. Given at the right dosage, it can make you feel uplifted, extremely creative, and feeling good. It is also a great bonding time for you and your friends, as it brightens up your day. It also works in inspiring the creative genius in you, dampering that sad feeling you had when you lost someone you love. Even though it may not be able to completely remove the pain, it can still inspire you to open doors that can lead to a new beginning.

Improved Appetite

If you feel down, there is a tendency that you would stop caring about anything. You start to ignore the desire to spend time out, you start to forget about your friends, and you may even sacrifice eating. This can result to some things that are negative if uncontrolled. If you feel depressed, you may have the tendency to think that eating will only make you feel sicker. This situation is both wrenching and horrible. The good thing about feeling the high after smoking marijuana is that you can experience an improvement in your appetite, and really enjoying the taste of the food at the same time.

Alternative to Over Drinking

Reality is that, drinking can actually turn out to be a depressant, which will only make your feelings worse. On the other hand, with marijuana, your mood can be stabilized enough so that you can easily get through your day without having to worry about overindulging in depression or sulking emotionally that you might end up doing something that is irrational. Most of the time, it is never good to over drink and fix your love issues after getting drunk. It may put a mask, but it will only make your problems worse.

Fighting Insomnia

After a breakup, there is a tendency that you experience the worst kind of insomnia. You become extremely restless, tossing and turning the entire night, on repeat, every night. The good news is that, by smoking an indica strain, you can deal with this problem, as it has the capability to provide treatment to anxiety, thus giving you that sound sleep at night. Indica has the power to provide solution to your painful depression as well as restless nights, making it a really great choice when it comes to helping you sleep well at night. You can now say goodbye to your nightly enemy. Most of the time, not having good sleep only leads to having a bad day the next morning. However, after smoking indica and getting the rest that you deserve, you can start waking up to better mornings.

Stabilizing Mood

At this point, it is very important to understand that marijuana cannot mask the pain you are feeling after a breakup and losing the person you deeply cared for. However, sativa strains are known to give you a good mood, allowing you to get through your work the entire day. Just a few tokes would already allow you to divert your attention off the sickness and depression that you are feeling. Sativa produces an active and uplifting high which can give you that energy enough to make your day successful. This will allow you to take your mind off sad things, as well as the depressing things you have in your heart.

Again and again, marijuana is not a medicine that can solve your love problems. What it does is to deal with the side effects of such failure in love. With the right strain by your side, you can experience the benefits and forget the sorrows.