5 Songs that will Fit Well with Any High

As a lover of music, you certainly would want the best songs in your playlist. However, there are just some songs that would go well, especially if you are also a weed lover. Those hours of being high will just turn out to be hours of boredom if you are not doing anything. Rather than getting stuck with nothing, why not add the following 5 songs in your playlist and enjoy them when you are feeling that awesome marijuana high?

Bob Marley – Kaya

The fact that Bob Marley has always been known for his love of ganja makes his songs more amazing. His Jamaican reggae, combined with his passion for marijuana can create that amazing feeling after smoking your favorite marijuana strain. The title, Kaya, is another word which means ‘marijuana’, and the lyrics clearly show the singer’s love for ganja. He mentioned that he feels so high that he can even touch the sky.

Alabama Shakes – Sound and Color

When you feel stoned, you surely would want to search for music that can stimulate your mind. As such, this song is just perfect for you! It is equipped with all of the best components that can stimulate your listening and thinking skills. Perhaps you have already heard this song on the latest commercial of the iPad Pro, along with virtual images of the outer space. At the same time, its earthy tones will certainly keep you engaged in, along with its twirling and rifting.

The melodies are also lingering and vibrating, clinging to the ear. It also leaves some bright and soft kisses to your ear, stimulating your senses all throughout. An interesting feature of this song is that you can even notice a diabolical breakdown before the song ends, as the singer just allows the melody to flow all throughout her own voice. As such, you can hear both joy and sorrow in her singing.

Donnie Trumpet/The Social Experiment – Pass the Vibes

Do you want to feel those ‘vibes’? If so, this song selection is perfect for you. This is perfect if you are planning to get high together with a group of cool people. If the title alone stops you from passing weed, then do not worry. The rich, smooth melody can help you out. Both bass and alto singers entertain you as they work together, intertwining their voices, in order to create a lyrical component of the song, making it extremely memorable. This song does not have a lot of lyrical components, but they are not really necessary. This song is just amazing because it gives you that Jamaican swag to it. Whether you want to listen to it while chilling with your friends or listening to it alone, you can expect a good time.

Mayer Hawthorne (Feat. Rizzle Kicks) – The Walk

One of the best ways to get over a break up is to allow your mind to relax by means of smoking your favorite marijuana strain. Rather than feeling bummed because of the experience, why not explore your sanity while feeling the high, and listening to this music at the same time? You may not be able to forget your ex right away, but after lighting up a smoke, you will be brought somewhere else.

With a good music such as ‘The Walk’, you would certainly be able to enjoy your time while feeling the high. The rapping and singing duo of this song elaborates a precise and expressive message, and at the same time sending a catchy tune to anybody who feels the pain of a breakup. The best part is that, this song is also accessorized in the right mix with the gentle and poignant voice of Mayer Hawthorne. At the same time, the cold and soulful lyrics can provide you that explanation that gives clarity to your feelings.

SZA (Feat. Chance the Rapper) – Child’s Play

Are you up for a chilling, high night? The easy going and soft voice of SZA may turn out to be the best thing that you need in order to relax well. This song can even bring back to you some good memories in the past coming from someone. At the same time, the collaboration of Chance the Rapper brings this song to a higher level. He easily juggles the attention of the listener, captivating with this voice impression, down to his melodic representation at the end of the song. At the same time, the song’s captivating breakdown towards the end will just leave you that amazing, nostalgic feeling.

There are also other songs that you might want to add to your list, but with these songs at hand, you can already expect a great sensation while feeling that amazing high!