AK 47 XTRM Marijuana Strain Review

The AK 47 XTRM strain which was also known as AK 47 is still the same award winning strain which has become a favorite of many marijuana breeders and connoisseur alike. This special hybrid is considered a one of a kind. The AK 47 XTRM is known for its uplifting high which is typical of a Sativa marijuana but this particular strain has dense and large buds that are quite typical for an Indica variety.

If you want to grow AK 47 XTRM from seeds then you can order high quality cannabis seeds of this strain from an online marijuana seedbank and have your seeds shipped right to your doorsteps in the soonest time possible.

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Specifications of AK 47 XTRM

Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering Period: Up to 8 weeks
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Yield: Up to 700 grams indoor/ Up to 900 grams outdoor
Stone: Divine high with a tingling touch
THC Level: Up to 24%
Height: Up to 80 cm indoor/ Up to 200 cm outdoor
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Special Features of AK 47 XTRM

The genetic composition of the original AK 47 is from the Afghan and Mexican Sativa strains. The AK 47 XTRM strain is a whole new level of the original strain wherein the original AK 47 is combined with the White Widow XTRM.

The White Widow XTRM is a derivation of the White Widow which has become a favorite of the coffee houses in Amsterdam.

This potent strain produces buds glistening with THC which is just perfect with the components found in the original AK 47 strain. This extreme combination can be described as putting the original AK 47 to the next level. The result can be described as truly impressive which makes the AK 47 XTRM as one of the most talked about strains of today.

The AK 47 XTRM strain has an exceptional flavor which has a high CBD level which makes it very suitable to be used as medical marijuana. Some experts have even dubbed the AK 47 XTRM as basically AK 47 filled with steroids.

Growing AK 47 XTRM Tips

The AK 47 XTRM can be grown in moderate conditions which means that even the newbies can successfully produce a healthy crop. Growing this particular strain does not really involve a lot of techniques or equipments since the AK 47 XTRM can even be grown on both indoors and outdoors setup.

The flowering time of this strain is up to 8 weeks which means that it can be harvested in either late September or beginning of October when cultivated outdoors.