American Dream Marijuana Strain Review – Buy American Dream Cannabis Seeds

The etymology of its name is because they liken the growth of the marijuana to the American dream; that with each new generation being bred, there is the hope that each will be subsequently better. This is a particularly new strain and its genetics are taken from some of the best in the world. When it comes to flavour, it does not lack.

The aroma is pleasing to smell and the full taste of sweet and fruity is also good. The hit is nice, both deep accompanied by mild cerebral activity. This strain, although Indica dominant, wouldn’t cause you to cough so much. It has a mellow or smooth high that causes you to relax and a feeling of drowsiness may set in after an hour or so. It comes from a hybrid of Jamaican or Hawaiian Sativa and some Afghan-Skunk. The buds have a medium to dark, or forest green coloration. Red and orange pistils cover the bud.

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American Dream Specifications

Type: Indica – 70 / Sativa – 30
Flowering Period: 45 – 50 days
Climate: Indoors or in sub or tropical climate
Yield: very high
Stone: A mix of stoned and high
THC level: High
Height: Tall, but can be medium if indoors
Grow Difficulty: easy to medium depending on conditions

Special Features of American Dream Marijuana Strain

– Mix of some of the best cannabis in the world

– Intense flavours, both full, sweet and fruity

– Nice aroma, pungent and a bit earthy Skunk flavour thanks to the Afghan-Skunk traits

– Stone high, deep from the Indica hybrid and has a touch of a cerebral high

Growing American Dream Tips

These are suitable for indoor growth as long as you take note of the height. Naturally being able to grow taller, you should not give it room to stretch if you want to avoid the height. These can also be grown outdoors but only in the right conditions. The climate must be generally tropical. It can manage from a sub tropical climate to better.

When it comes to growth, it has little lateral branching with a short flowering period of 45 – 50 days. It also has a large central kola. These make the American Dream ideal in sea of green setups of growing and also have high yields. By maturity, this would produce a fruity aroma.