Helping you Find the Best Marijuana Seedbank to Buy Marijuana Seeds From

If you are eager to grow your own marijuana plants and if you are willing to commit your time, money and efforts growing weed then you will achieve a big change in your life if you follow our recommendations of the top marijuana seed banks where you can buy marijuana seeds from. Aside from that, we also offer some growing marijuana tips and tricks to help you along the way. We can also recommend the Growing Elite Marijuana ebook as your complete guide if you don’t want to come back again and again to our website. Invest your money and ditch the dealer. Become your own marijuana supplier.

top-marijuana-seedbanksIf you are not willing to take the risk and spend some money for this life changing decision then go elsewhere and buy your buds from your local supplier or people that you don’t trust. Spend a lot of money for them and for their buds with quality that you are not sure of.

Why grow your own marijuana plants?

If you have been buying your marijuana buds from your local dispensaries, dealers or people that you don’t trust, then you should know how costly it is to buy from them and hassle when they ran out of supply to buy.

Growing marijuana in the comforts of your home will give you a full control of your own marijuana supply. You will never run out of weed supply and you will never have to spend even a single cent for quality that you are not sure of.

Why grow marijuana from seeds?

Growing marijuana from clones and cuttings are just fine but starting from seeds will assure you of healthier plants that can produce bigger yields.

Our 12 Recommended Marijuana Seed Banks

It is important to get the highest quality of cannabis seeds in order to grow a high quality plant. To make this happen, you need to get your supplies from a trusted provider. The following are the best marijuana seed banks by far that you can easily find online.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

From regular and auto-flowering to indica and sativa hybrids, the site has a wide range of marijuana and cannabis seeds all available with a 10% discount if you pay with bitcoin, cash or bank transfers. You can check their selection at As a regular promotion, you get 20 free seeds for every order.

Buy Dutch Seeds

For every order worth 69 USD and above, you can receive 10 extra seeds from their finest selection of medical marijuana, indoor and outdoor seeds as well unique strains like Afghan, AK48 and B52. The company at has their own packaging and deliveries everything in priority mail to make sure you receive your order fast and intact.


One look at and you can immediately tell it is not just a seed bank. You will see a large collection of growing and smoking equipment as well as marijuana merchandise like clothing and accessories. Moreover, you get really great discounts on purchases that regularly change daily.

I Love Growing Marijuana

What makes this site unique is its extensive collection of growing guides and even a published hardbound book about creating your own marijuana farm. At, you can purchase seeds, protectors and boosters all original products of the website.


One of the trendiest websites around, is a go-to haven for marijuana growers who are looking for special farming equipments. Aside from a diverse strain selection, the website also offers packages which are distinctly grouped to give a different high for each type.

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is a Canadian based company which ships worldwide. They only carry a few strains in their line up but they claim to have the best customer service in the seed industry. Well, we can tell that their customer service is superb with 24/7 phone support, live website chat and email. We tried contacting them and they are very responsive.

MJ Seeds Canada

Another Canadian company and we think this is connected to Crop King Seeds because of their address and customer service lines. We chatted with Lisa who happens to be the same customer service representative that works for Crop King Seeds. When we asked, Lisa said that she provides customer service to multiple seed companies. They offer discreet shipping and have a very good customer service.

Paradise Seeds

Another large site offering clothing and accessories together with a selection of high class feminized and auto-flowering marijuana seed is Based in Netherlands, the seed bank ships to a lot of international destinations including the US, France and Poland.

Herbies Seeds

You will benefit from the categorized number of seed recommendations from They have their own strains that they sell out with a complimentary sample. If you are looking for a shopping guide on suitable seeds, the site has it all.


Another worldwide favorite is You will find a large collection of marijuana and cannabis seeds from trusted suppliers approved and verified by the website management. They guarantee discreet shipping via priority mail with their own personalized packaging.

Royal Queen Seeds

A large self-grown marijuana seeds company in Europe with skills developed by years of growing large quantities in Netherlands. offers auto-flowering, feminized and medical seeds. They also offer self-formula CBD oils.

Green House Seeds

With base of operations in Netherlands, the website is one of the very popular sources with connections to a lot of famous celebrities. Aside from their shop, you will see a lot of publicity activities and cannabis merchandise representing years of doing business successfully throughout the world.

Disclaimer: Make sure to check with your local laws before ordering from these marijuana seed banks. While many of their customers got their order with no problem, it doesn’t mean that you will get yours. Although rare, some marijuana seed orders are getting seized in the borders. Don’t worry, nobody cares about a few seeds in the mail and they look the same with the regular seeds. There are no mention of seeds or the name of the company anywhere in the mail so you are good.

They seize seeds because it is not allowed in any country to import agricultural products without the permission of the authorities. They will go direct to the trash.

Why order marijuana seeds online?

Most countries around the world like the USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc don’t have access to high quality marijuana seeds because of their laws. The best place to find high quality marijuana seeds for sale is the internet.

No countries around the world owns the internet so you can always buy anything online. Aside from that, these seedbanks have a wide array of options for strains which are very high quality. If you want to grow a Cannabis Cup Winner then order online and have it shipped right to your doorsteps discreetly.

Make sure that the online marijuana seed company offers discreet shipping to your country. The best cannabis seed bank offers discreet shipping, high quality customer service and prices that are reasonable.

How to Tell if a Marijuana Seedbank is Legit?

The list above of our top 12 recommended seed banks are known to be legit. We did the hardwork for you. We spent hours of research and testing. There are a lot of seedbanks out there and only a few actually do real business.

How to Tell if the Marijuana Seedbank ships to my country?

Check their website’s FAQ section. You can also contact them. Most seed banks offer discreet shipping worldwide while others don’t ship to some countries. Like, Nirvana Shop that does not ship to the USA.


Buying your own marijuana seeds so that you can grow your own marijuana plants that will provide you with high quality buds is a smarter decision than depending on your local suppliers. Cut the middle man, ditch the dealer, learn how to grow your own weed in the comforts of your home and have an unlimited marijuana supply that won’t leave you with an empty wallet.

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