Best Marijuana Lights for Growing Weed Indoors

For a successful cannabis growing and to obtain bigger yield, provide the plants with what are necessary- light, water, fertilizer, good ventilation and right temperature. When growing outside, the sun is the natural and main source of light. When growing cannabis plants indoors, artificial source of light is necessary.

The quality and the amount of buds that marijuana plants produce will also depend on the amount of light received. Weed plants receiving the right spectrum of light during the vegetative and flowering period will give an excellent yield. There are several types of lights that growers can use when growing indoors.

Different Types of Lights for Marijuana Growing

Incandescent bulbs

This is cheaper compared to other lighting types because it doesn’t require a ballast to run. This is a good choice for growing cannabis seedlings but not recommended if you are growing pot plants in a large space because incandescent lights have a low lumen output.


LED lights

Compared to high pressure sodium lamps and metal halides, the use of LED lights in growing weed plants will allow you to save more in the long run because it consumes less energy. It has a longer life span. It also emits less heat so you won’t be afraid of burning the top of cannabis plants. Another advantage is that, LED lamps emit only the necessary spectrum of light needed for vegetative and flowering time.


This type of light is best for young weed plants and for cloning. It has a low light intensity so you need to hang the light close to the plants. But because of the fluorescents low lumen output, it is not a good choice for the flowering phase of marijuana plants.


High Intensity Discharge Lamps

HID lights are more efficient to use for growing pot indoors. High pressure sodium lamps and metal halides are the two basic types of HID grow lights. The metal halide is good for the vegetative stage because of the blue spectrum emitted while HPS lamps are best for the flowering period because they emit red to orange-red glow.

Using artificial light sources in indoor marijuana growing may cost you during the initial set up and monthly cost on electricity. However, there are advantages when you use these lights for your indoor weed garden. With the use of artificial lights, growers can induce flowering whenever they want unlike when marijuana growing is done outside and flowering period will depend on the growing season. To obtain excellent yield, use the type of light that can give marijuana plants the right spectrum of light necessary for each growing phase.

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