Bianca Feminized Marijuana Strain Review and Growing Tips

bianca-feminizedBianca feminized is an Indica dominant strain is a product of three powerful strains; White Widow which was awarded multiple times at the Cannabis Cup, Afghani strain which is a very strong and hard cannabis often used in mountainous conditions, and the White Queen strain also known as the Empress among the white cannabis.

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Specifications of Bianca Feminized

Type: Indica (85%)/ Sativa
Flowering Period: 6-8 weeks
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Yield: Up to 525 grams/  when grown indoor
Up to 550 grams/ when grown outdoor
Stone: Indica High
THC Level: up to 25%
Height: 90 cm (indoor)
220 cm (outdoor)
Grow Difficulty: easy

Special Features of Bianca Feminized

– Bianca Feminized is a strain which can be best grown in both indoors and outdoors.

– Its yields when grown outside or inside are almost the same. Basically, you don’t have to worry about it. You only need to choose where you are most comfortable.

– It grows significantly tall when grown outside as it grows twice as much when grown outside.

– They are medium-sized plants.

– It can also grow well in indoor spaces.

– It is widely available worldwide.

– You would be amazed as it is being offered in coffee shops in Amsterdam.

– Can be recognized due to its Bonsai Bush appearance.

– The buds of Bianca Feminized have a visibly thick layer of THC crystals which contributes to its catchy look and appears to be white.

– The buds of Bianca Feminized are quite enormous and fat.

– It will be available for harvest within seven weeks.

– For outdoor cultivation, and depending on its climate condition, it can be ready for harvest either by September or October.

– It corporates an intense smell and having a powerful aroma.

– Because of its different parent strains, the taste of Bianca Feminized possesses a different kind of combination.

– It surely will satisfy you with an uplifting feeling and strong after-effects.

– Bianca does have a different high experience as it comes from three of the strongest strains in the market.

Growing Bianca Feminized Tips

This is perfect for potential growers who do not want to worry where to grow it and have better yields at the same time. If planning to make it grow at its maximum, grow it in open spaces. Make sure to provide it with the necessary nutrients it needs such as enough amount of sunlight and water.

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