Big Bud Feminized Marijuana Strain Review

The Big Bud strain has always been one of the most favored strains especially from marijuana experts or afficionados. This strain is mostly Indica in nature and is well known for its massive produce. Although some growers would have a problem with this strain’s flowering period but this is still considered as one of the most preferable strains because of its high yield.

If you want to get the best potentials of Big Bud then grow it from seeds rather than clones or cuttings. Growing marijuana from seeds can make you sure that your plants will be healthier and the yields will be bigger.

If you want to grow your marijuana plants from seeds, then you might want to order some high quality marijuana seeds from a reputable marijuana seed company.

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Specifications of Big Bud Feminized

Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering Period: 9 weeks
Climate: Preferably Indoor
Yield: Up to 600 grams indoor and up to 800 grams outdoor
Stone: Potent buzz
THC Level: Up to 15%
Height: Up to 50 cm indoor and up to 180 cm outdoor
Grow Difficulty: Easy

Special Features of Big Bud Feminized

– The Big Bud Feminized strain is quite popular not only because of the strain’s original characteristics but also because it has already been feminized which is very convenient for new growers or marijuana farmers. This strain can assure growers a great harvest without putting in a lot of effort compared to using other strains.

– The original Big Bud strain is a winner of the Cannabis Cup back in 1989 and is still considered as one of the best strains even if there are already thousands of strains and cross breeds available in the market.

– This plant is well known for its extensive buds and few leaves. But the most outstanding characteristic of the Big Bud Feminized strain is its massive yield. Some marijuana expert growers agree that the Big Bud Feminized can produce the most yields compared to the other strains.

– The original Big Bud strain is a product of years of refining and development which started in the United States and was transferred to Amsterdam.

– The parent plants or strains are the Afghan and Skunk.

– The plant has a unique flavor and distinct aroma which makes the strain well loved by many.

Growing Big Bud Feminized Tips

Growing and cultivating the Big Bud Feminized strain is relatively easy although there may be times wherein the grower must pay close attention to the crops. The yield or outcome will still be substantial which makes all the work very rewarding.

This plant is also resistant to all sorts of insects and pests even when grown outdoors so farmers will only have to pay attention to its growing level.