Big Bud Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Big Bud Seeds

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buy big bud marijuana seedsIt is uncommon to find good Marijuana where the growth rate is incredibly fast and the needed high is ever so desirable. Luckily, we have Big Bud around. This Cannabis has been in the market since 1980s under the company Sacred Seed. As the name depicts it, it produces pretty big buds for its size. The growers might need to secure the small branches to avoid it from bending and eventually break. Big Bud is a hybrid of Skunk #1. The strain has a flowering period not longer than 50 days. Its bud may even grow triple its current size by the time it reaches its full life cycle. It has a unique mellow sensation that is both sweet and spicy. With its great gifts, it has also some minimal setback – the Weed is quite sensitive to most pests, so growers might need to apply extra effort to keep it alive and fruitful.

Where to buy Big Bud cannabis seeds?

You can buy Bid Bud cannabis seeds from legitimate online seedbanks which offer discrete shipping to your address. You can also receive free marijuana seeds with your order. The shipping times may vary according to where you are located at.

Big Bud Marijuana Specification

Type: indica – sativa mix
Flowering period: 9 weeks
Climate: indoor / outdoor
Yield: 600 gr/m2
Stone: Stony yet high all round
THC level: medium 8% – 15%
Height: 40 – 55 cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy

Special Features of Big Bud

1. Big Bud marijuana plants are known for being a high producer of big leaves, large and dense buds full of quality THC that exudes both indica and sativa high.

2. Although its aroma is musty and dank with a bit of sourness, the flavor of Big Bud has a mix of sweetness and spiciness with a hint of grape.

3. The medical benefits of Big Bud are considered as fairly general. It can help in easing headache and nausea. It is not recommended for daytime smoking but excellent for producing a relaxed feeling because of its mild sedative effect that is beneficial for those with sleeping problems.

Growing Big Bud Tips

The buds that Big Bud pot strain is producing are heavy. During the flowering time, you may need to tie them up so the dense buds will not break the branches. The Big Bud plants are susceptible to common pests, so indoor growing is recommended.

9 thoughts on “Big Bud Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Big Bud Seeds

  1. I had bought the “Big Bud” strain seeds and I am in the 5th week of veg. The questions I have are these.
    1. How many weeks do I need to veg, till I switch over to 12/12?
    2. When do big bud strain plants, show pre-flower? Is it during the 18/6 light cycle or in the 12/12 light cycle?
    Help will be appreciated, since this is my 1st grow. Thanks.

    1. You could start to flower now. Typicaly you want to start flower when your plant is roughly 1/2 the size you want it to finish at. Big Bud is indica and if you flower when your plant is 18 inches tall it will most likely finish about 30 inches tall, the bigger you let it go in veg the more you get at flower.

      Big Bud can grow really tall so if you don’t have good space indoors then you better leave it outdoors however keep your eyes on them because it is susceptible to pests and insects.

      Since you are growing that outdoors so you don’t have to worry about the lighting. Indoor growing needs you to control the lights because you would want to imitate what the sun can provide it.

      If you want to get a complete guide about growing marijuana, you can read our Growing Elite Marijuana eBook Review or you can check out Ryan Riley’s Growing eBook.

  2. I am growing big bud outside. The bottom branches started blooming about three weeks ago the upper ones before that. The problem is the plants are 10 meters high. Any recommendation on when to harvest since I can,t get to top buds to look at them. Do I follow general instructions of late Oct or are there other indicators the colas are ready for harvest

  3. I’m about to start growing the BB strain outdoors. Will toping my plants out alot increase the yield or should I let the plant grow and not bother it?

  4. Do you guys count the flower days from the moment you flip to 12/12 or do start counting when bud lets are produced as I’ve heard some people counting from there hence the 50 day flower period

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