Get Rid of Marijuana Anxiety with these Kitchen Ingredients

Marijuana anxiety is oftentimes expected by users and fans of this famous plant. Anxiety often results to paranoia, which for some, seems uncontrollable. The good news is that, you do not have to look anywhere else for solutions, as the answer to your concern can be found right from your kitchen! What is it? According […]

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The Power of Weed Micro-Dosing

Some stoners choose to ingest a huge amount of marijuana with the goal of experiencing that soaring, psychoactive high that made them use marijuana in the first place. However, as new studies shed new light on the issue, it has been revealed that medical users of marijuana may actually benefit more by weed micro-dosing. This […]

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How Not to Look High with Weed

The impact of smoking weed on the appearance has turned out to be a major concern among many marijuana fanatics. A lot of people just suggest avoid communicating with other people and just lay low. However, some disagree to this notion. The one that just stays on one side tends to be more suspicious compared […]

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Weed can Make you Live Longer – Is this True?

Marijuana has already been around since the beginning of time. There are some people who claim that this substance is deadly, and that every puff can take off a year from your life. Is this true? On the other hand, there are also people who strongly support the notion that weed can actually make you […]

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Is it Good to Freeze your Weed?

A lot of people wonder if freezing weed is definitely a good idea. After all, a lot have been saying that freezing fresh weed will only end up losing its capabilities. Others, however, swear that this is the best storage solution. The problem usually arises if you find yourself facing a whole bunch of bud, […]

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Marijuana in Skin Care

Apparently, marijuana is not just good for giving you the high that you are looking for, or for treating certain health issues. It also has other benefits. One of them is in skin care. Well, it may actually not be the very first ingredient that you would look for when buying a skin care product, […]

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10 Crazy Things our Ancestors Use to Get High

Reality dictates that the use of substances that alter the mind is not really new to mankind. Records and history shows that people have been using psychoactive seeds, plants and fungi for the longest time. Some have come to full realization of their use, using them for the right purposes, while others were simply curious […]

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10 Things that you want to Know about Hydroponics Marijuana Growing

In the Latin language, hydroponics literally means “water work”. Cultivating your plants in a hydroponics setup means using either a flow or bath of water that is nutrient enriched or highly oxygenated. This process of hydroponics also means that the plants are grown in a sterile, inert grow medium rather than growing them in soil, […]

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If you Get Anxiety when Using Marijuana then Do These

Marijuana is considered as one of the most popular recreational drugs these days. Aside from the legal issues that revolve around it, marijuana also comes equipped with a well talked about history. Other people even think that it is just one of the gateways to discovering stronger recreational drugs, while there are also others who […]

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