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How to Harvest Marijuana Plants: Tips and Guides

The tips and guides that you can find in our website are proven and tested by a lot of growers from around the world. The authors in this website write the different tips here in the purpose of sharing their own experiences in growing marijuana. Please read the different marijuana harvesting related articles that you can find in our website.

Growing Marijuana Tips – How to Get More Harvest?

Growers want bigger yields for less time, money, and effort. Producing powerful, tasting, and fragrant home grown buds is the goal that would result to harvest the best strain. If you want to have good marijuana yields, here are the easiest ways to raise your cannabis at the perfect time. Ways how to successfully grow […]

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How to Dry Marijuana Properly

Whatever your reason for growing marijuana (medical or recreational), drying your weed the right way can make the difference in making your buds taste good and making it to maintain its potency and effect. Importance of Drying Marijuana drying affects the final taste of the product. Too much drying or longer drying time can make […]

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Harvesting Marijuana

  Do you want an incredible control over your marijuana plants? Do you want to know the tricks pro weed growers have been using for decades? Check out the 748 page Grow Guide for detailed pictures and step by step instructions. Without any doubt, harvest time is the most sought after part of pot growing because […]

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How to Make your Marijuana Buds Great Tasting

Depending on your personal preference, marijuana buds can be harvested early or late. The most exciting part of pot growing is probably the harvest time. Timing is the key if you want to harvest the best-tasting marijuana buds. Indica can be harvested earlier as they mature faster than sativas while harvesting buds produced by hybrid […]

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Best Time to Harvest Sativa and Indica Marijuana

Indica and sativa are the two basic types of marijuana. There are pure sativas, 100% indicas and a mix of both traits. The flowering time of the weed plants will depend on the kind of strain you are growing. Indica marijuana plants mature faster than sativa weed plants. You will know that buds are ready […]

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The Difference of Early and Late Harvesting Of Marijuana

Growing weed plants either for the purpose of selling or for personal use is indeed a rewarding task if you do the proper growing techniques and have the right timing when harvesting the buds. In growing marijuana, you can enjoy buds with either high in THC level for cerebral effect or high in CBD for […]

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Tools and Equipments Needed During Cannabis Harvesting

You will find growing cannabis as a very rewarding job. Whether you are growing marijuana for recreational or medical purposes, it is an advantage if you are growing your own weed plants because you will know what the quality of the buds is. The potency of the buds can be influenced with the time you […]

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Signs that Marijuana Plants are Ready for Harvest

In cannabis growing, the harvest is the time when growers are most excited about. This is the time of reaping the fruit of your labor in growing pot. One of the best indicators that buds are ready to harvest is when they change their color, from white to reddish brown or orange. In growing cannabis, […]

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Marijuana Harvesting Techniques

In growing pot, buds are ready to be harvested anytime between six to twelve weeks after the marijuana plants have started the flowering phase. Growing marijuana that are of indica types have shorter flowering time so you can enjoy an early harvest of buds. On the other hand, growing cannabis that are sativas will have […]

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When To Harvest Cannabis Plants

Harvesting the buds at the right time in cannabis growing will give you more potent buds to smoke. Depending on the kind of strain you have chosen to grow, it can take from 8 to 12 weeks or even earlier or later than that for the flowering phase to complete. The harvest time in growing […]

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