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Indoor Cannabis Marijuana Seeds for Indoor Marijuana Growing

Growing marijuana indoors has become a trend nowadays because you don’t need to worry about the changing climate, animals, pests, and a lot more of factors that can affect the growth of your weed and might end you up with nothing. There are also some people who can make your cannabis plants in peril. There are a lot of marijuana seeds which are for sale nowadays. We provide you some of the indoor marijuana seeds that we have tried growing ourselves. We will add more in our list as time passes by. Please keep updated.

Blueberry 420 Marijuana Strain Review and Growing Tips

Blueberry 420 is a product of long years of experimentations. It originally came from an old grower in Goa, India. This type of cannabis plant is an auto-flowering hybrid induced with a berry flavor in it. It’s incredibly delicious taste was obtained by further selection of rare genes of strains crossed with Light of Jah […]

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How to Grow Kryptonite Marijuana Strain

Kryptonite is one of the well-known high quality strains and was even called as such because of the line “even Superman would cower to it”, some even share that they are “powerless against it”. It has a solid hit with interesting effects when smoked and the result is a healing effect. Kryptonite is the resulting […]

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Shiva Shanti II Marijuana Strain Review

The Shiva Shanti II was actually released together with its sister strain, the Shiva Shanti right about the very start of the 90’s. This has been created in order to pave way for the expansion of the breeding advocacy so that a new and better breed will be added to the cannabis gene library. The […]

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Shiva Skunk Marijuana Strain Review

We have prepared this Shiva Skunk marijuana strain review so that you will have an idea on what to expect from growing shiva skunk strain. Read on. The Shiva Skunk is a mix between two excellent hybrids, the Northern Lights #5 and the Skunk #1. It is one of the most powerful skunks and an […]

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Silver Haze #9 Feminized Review and Growing Tips

Silver Haze #9 is one of the many Haze strains available now. This Silver Haze #9 Feminized review should give you an idea of what this strain is and what surprises it will provide its growers. One should know that the first strain of the Haze has been an ingenious strain as it is considered […]

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Growing Marijuana Tips – Super Skunk Feminized Review

If you are growing marijuana, then Super Skunk should be of interest to you. Read this Super Skunk Feminized review before buying seeds for sale online of this strain or before growing it. Super Skunk has been considered as one of the very first breeding projects that were being made under the cannabis hybrid plants. […]

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