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Marijuana Plants that can be Grown Indoors, Outdoors, Hydroponics and a Lot More

There are marijuana plants that can grow indoors, outdoors, hydroponics and any other grow medium. Those marijuana plants are versatile enough to survive in any growing environment. Just because these kinds of marijuana plants are tough doesn’t mean that they can grow even without the grower’s care. You still need to make use of the right cannabis nutrients, soil, and water. If you are growing your weed indoors, then you should use the right marijuana lights for it. An appropriate growing method should come with your marijuana growing tools so that you can get the best harvest at the end of your growing adventure.

Big Bud Feminized Marijuana Strain Review

The Big Bud strain has always been one of the most favored strains especially from marijuana experts or afficionados. This strain is mostly Indica in nature and is well known for its massive produce. Although some growers would have a problem with this strain’s flowering period but this is still considered as one of the […]

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AK 47 XTRM Marijuana Strain Review

The AK 47 XTRM strain which was also known as AK 47 is still the same award winning strain which has become a favorite of many marijuana breeders and connoisseur alike. This special hybrid is considered a one of a kind. The AK 47 XTRM is known for its uplifting high which is typical of […]

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What is Amsterdam Indica XTRM Marijuana Strain

The Amsterdam Indica is a pure Indica marijuana strain. It comes from a very famous lineage—the Northern Lights and the Afghan, two very strong parents known by their potency and strength. It is a short plant that produces a good harvest. It has moderate to high THC level with moderate CBN and CBD counts. Since […]

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Northern lights XTRM Review and Growing Tips

Northern lights are a combination of 11 types of gene strains that originated in the west coast of the United States. The taste itself is normally dominated by the sweetness of the Indica strain, giving you an amazing sweet high with its very delightful aroma. The variety is very well known because of its cannabis […]

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Supercharged Super Silver Haze Marijuana Strain Review

Supercharged Super Silver Haze as we call it, sounded better and tasted better than before. Better harvest, easier to grow and healthier plants. This type of Super Silver Haze is an outstanding masterpiece of cannabis cultivation. This ganja contains a well mix of its origin. In the whole world, this is by far the most […]

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White Widow XRTM

This strain is the strongest bud in the world as said by many smokers and to grow more and much better yield, it is now optimized. The hard and sticky buds of White Widow XRTM are so full of THC. The high, the supreme and the taste of it is divine. Because of the extreme […]

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Review of White Skunk Marijuana Strain

A nice variety for people who are starters in growing cannabis seeds, this White Skunk strain is popular to those who are interested in getting high quality cannabis, even on a reasonable price. It is one of the many skunk strains that is quite popular on the market these days because of the sativa qualities […]

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White Haze Automatic Marijuana Strain Review

The White House Automatic marijuana strain is basically the automatic version of the world famous White Haze strain. The strain was produced by combining a vigorous ruderalis strain and White Haze and then it was back crossed for several generations to attain its stability and potency. This autoflowering version of the White Haze is considered […]

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White Label White Widow Automatic Review

White Label White Widow Automatic is one of the strongest strains of marijuana together with Afghan Kush and AK-47 because of its 20 to 25% THC level. It is considered as the most potent cannabis plant in the world. Taste and effects A sour, sweet taste and an aftertaste of pure sweetness take when smoked. […]

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