Chronic Auto Feminized Marijuana Review and Growing Tips

Vastly improved over the years, Chronic Feminized has been flourished for medicinal purposes. Its genetics came from the cross of Skunk x Northern Lights and AK47 and the Northern Lights again. It also has included in the new Chronic after an extensive testing in Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.

Chronic Feminized has been the best choices for medical purposes for it is widely known because of its positive effects in a diverse diseases, conditions, and ailments. It is also specialized for pain relief purposes. This advanced plant acquires large sticky buds, which are described to have an extremely impressive flavor. It is advisable to confer a physician about its usage.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds?

You cannot buy marijuana seeds from your local stores if you are in the USA or in major countries from around the world because of legality. However, you can order marijuana seeds from an online marijuana seed bank. Make sure to order from a company that offer discreet shipping worldwide.

Best Seed Banks to Buy Marijuana Seeds in 2018

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Seed BankCrop King SeedsSun
West Genetics
Amsterdam Marijuana SeedsSeeds ManI Love Growing Marijuana
CountryCanadaCanadaNetherlandsUnited KingdomNetherlands
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Specification of Chronic Auto Feminized

Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering Period: 8 tp 9 weeks
Climate: Indoors/ Outdoors
Yield: Up to 450 grams or 15.9 ounces per sq. meter for indoors
Up to 550grams or 19.4 ounces per sq. meter for outdoors
Stone: Indica high
THC Level: Up to 23%
Height: Up to 50 cm or 19.7 inches for indoors
Up to 150 cm or 59.1 inches for outdoors
Grow Difficulty:  Easy/ Moderate

Special Features of Chronic Auto Feminized

– It provides a lot of advantageous aspects in medicine. This plant is noted to cure a lot of diseases and symptoms which can sometimes be considered as fatal in the medical world. Using this strain can give users the assurance that their health is mostly benefited from the said plant.

– The strain has received many awards and recognition which makes it a popular choice among smokers as well as growers. The recognition that the strain received is more than enough reasons for novice and old time growers and smokers to try it.

Growing Chronic Auto Feminized Tips

A blend of sweet fragrance and a pleasing appearance of Chronic Feminized have made it to be very popular to medical oriented customers. This plant structure has a very huge top with slightly short side branches. It has the genetic characteristics for a yield with the right Indica or Sativa ratio.

After harvesting, it is important to remember that you must dry it thoroughly in order to secure that the wonderful aroma will be preserved.