Fruit Spirit Marijuana Strain Review

Originating from one of the most popular cannabis breeders in Europe is the strain called Fruit Spirit. A combination of the flavorful Blueberry and Window sets the birth of a new hybrid strain. These two parental genes are very popular that they are placed in the hall of fame for the greatest cannabis plant around the world.

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The strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid making it more susceptive to too much sun. This strain would be beneficial for people whose desire is to plant Fruit Spirit and other cannabis indoors.

Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Flowering Period: 7-8 weeks indoors
Climate: warm climate
Yield: 13-15 ounces
Flavors: Sweet, Blueberry and Spicy
THC Level: 18-20%
Height: 2-4 feet
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of Fruit Punch?

Setting a fresh feeling from the start of high until it fades is one of the great effects of Fruit Punch. A hyperactive buzz feeling contains your mental state. This creates a feeling of being energetic and motivated all at the same time. A warm buzz can also be felt which is believed to be beneficial in treating muscle pains and spasms. It’s THC content, on the other hand, is inevitably high causing more europhic feeling rather than muscle numbness. If you have taken a large amount of dose after being high, then expect a couch-locked feeling as a negative result.

What are the Medical Benefits of Fruit Punch?

Fruit Punch is said to be an outstanding medicinal plant that treats specific disorders and diseases. It can lift up the mood which helps a user overcome depression and stress. This strain is also capable of stimulating your appetite, if you have a problem with your lack of appetite then this strain might be the solution.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Fruit Punch?

Most of the common negative effects of Fruit Punch and other cannabis hybrids are having dry mouth and dry eyes. However, this negative effect depends on the user’s tolerance and dose.

Tips for Growing Fruit Punch

Planting and cultivating Fruit Punch is very easy since these plants don’t grow up into a gigantic plant then it can be planted indoors.