Growing Eldorado Marijuana Seeds Strain

The Eldorado cannabis plant is considered to be a unique and pure variety of the Sativa from the region of Oaxaca, Mexico. This strain has been inbred by Nirvana Seeds from over a dozen generations. This has a tall height and small leaves all over it. The thin and light buds make it more preferable for personal use but the intense effects that it provides make this cannabis strain worth the wait. This cannabis plant produces a fruity and intense flavour. This is a cannabis strain which can easily be grown by beginners since it is cooperative as long as proper nutrients and regular watering is done.

Where to Buy Eldorado Marijuana Seeds?

You can buy Eldorado marijuana seeds from an online seedbank. You don’t need to spend your time and money travelling to your nearest dispensaries. At times, they don’t have all the marijuana seed strains that you wanted but with an online seedbank, you’ll have a wide array of options for marijuana seeds for sale at prices you can afford.

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TYPE: Regular
FLOWERING PERIOD: Long (65-75 days)
YIELD: 500 / 600 g/m2
THC LEVEL: Extreme High
HEIGHT: High plant

Special Features of Eldorado Marijuana Strain

1. This strain produces a rare stimulating high which is very energetic and cerebral, leaving the user with a long lasting inspired, sharp, and crisp feeling.

2. Because of its high THC levels, the Eldorado strain is used in medicine to increase the energy of the user. It was also effective in lifting the mood and inspiring the patient.

Growing Eldorado Marijuana Tips

1. This strain is not advisable for commercial growers since the buds are light and slightly thin.

2. The seeds of this strain can be cultivated outdoors and indoors. However, the cannabis plant is best grown outdoors wherein it is able to bush out and reach its maximum size, and respond well with the bending and topping techniques.

3. The use of organic means or soil is encouraged since it promotes a more natural taste and potency.

4. For indoor gardening, it will grow best using hydroponics as the growing system. Using hydro or bio for alternative growing mediums will aid in its vigorous growth. On the other hand, Sea of Green method can also help the plant to reach its maximum potential in regards to the yield.

5. The flowering phase is very long, wherein it reaches full maturity between 70-90 days.

6. When it comes to the harvesting period, gradually begin harvesting the mature buds at the top around the 70th day. For the less mature buds at the lower portion, they can be harvested around the 90th day.

7. When cultivated in an indoor garden, the Eldorado grows tall since it is sativa-dominant and has genes of the White family.