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This Growing Elite Marijuana review was written to provide you with some heads up about this phenomenal growing eBook dubbed as the “growing elite marijuana bible”. Read on.

growing elite marijuanaThe Growing Elite Marijuana eBook was written by Ryan Riley who is an expert in growing high quality weed, to teach new weed growers on how to cultivate their own cannabis plants, as well as provide experienced and expert weed growers with new tips and advanced growing methods in an easy to follow guide. I am writing this Growing Elite Marijuana review to give you an idea to whether or not this book is the real deal, considering that there is a lot of free information circling around the internet.

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How many of us had fallen from the false claims of other books, eBooks and other marijuana websites such as getting an abundant harvest of very potent buds within a month or two? This book is different. The Growing Elite Marijuana book has no BS. It has helped me a lot.

Growing Elite Marijuana eBook is the so-called “marijuana grower’s bible” because of its more than 700 pages that teaches you everything about growing weed. Jam-packed with loads of pages but this ebook has been the most compact resource of valuable cannabis growing information. Before going into details about pot growing, Riley tells about how the marijuana story has begun. After presenting how marijuana is used throughout the years, Riley goes into in-depth details about proper seed selection and he even provided some tips on seed purchases and strain selection. Among the information that can be found in this Growing Elite Marijuana book are: marijuana growing basics, lighting system, growing pot in soil, advanced growing techniques, hydroponics set-up, cloning tips, grow room area, growing equipments and cannabis maintenance, and a lot more.

What’s in it for you?

On the internet, you will find several guides on how to grow weed but most of these sites are not going into fine points and give what the grower needs in order to have a productive and successful harvest.  This ebook that Ryan Riley created really goes into every minute detail and comprehensive descriptions on what a successful pot growing is all about. In this ebook, you will see the author’s ability to distribute complex technical ideas and clear simple A to Z guides for new weed growers. He also presented a section tackling about the different stages of marijuana’s growth and marijuana sexing that will help every grower attain their goal of obtaining high yield of very potent buds. By purchasing the Growing Elite Marijuana ebook, you will also have these free bonuses:

Free bonus #1- The Cannabis Care Manual

Free bonus #2- Ganja Etiquette

Free bonus #3- Ultimate Strain Guide

Free bonus #4- Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices

Free bonus #5- Marijuana Security Blackbook

Free bonus #6- The Stoner’s Cookbook

Free bonus #7- The Quick-Start Guide

Free bonus #8- Deadly Marijuana Growing Mistakes

Aside from all those free ebooks, you will also get 5 White Widow feminized seeds coupon. 

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Growing Elite Marijuana eBook- The Pros

– It is a complete guide with incredible and very helpful pot growing details. This ebook is not only full of babbling words but it is packed with quality and good content that new growers, experienced and experts in pot growing can appreciate.

– It contains the information on the basics of marijuana growing and advanced growing methods for experienced growers who have already tasted their own bud harvest.

– It presents an impressive huge library of images. Unlike other ebook authors who are too dependent on illustrations to point out what needs to be conveyed to the readers, Ryan Riley presents a good balance of images and texts containing a comprehensive and up to date information about marijuana cultivation, basics and advanced growing techniques.

Growing Elite Marijuana eBook- The Cons

– Growing Elite Marijuana is not available in printable form. It is only available as an ebook which can be downloaded as a PDF file.

– It contains loads of pages that some people may find it boring to read. But as you scan through the pages, you will see that this ebook does not contain useless babbling of words but it covers condensed, useful and clearly illustrated information that can benefit new and experienced pot growers.

– The author has made some slips in this ebook. There are minor typo errors but these inaccuracies are outweighed by the eBook’s usefulness.


Reading the Growing Elite Marijuana ebook is truly enjoyable. At first, I was not convinced about the helpfulness of this ebook but upon reading on several reviews shared by those who have tried purchasing it, I said to myself that it’s not bad to give it a try and see if the ebook would work for me. I did the right decision to grab a copy of Ryan Riley’s so-called pot grower’s bible. Do not be scared by the high numbers of pages found in this ebook because all information contained within will help in making your marijuana growing project a productive and successful one.

Everything you need to know about how to start growing marijuana are contained in this ebook- from seed and strain selection up to harvest time. Aside from its affordable price, one thing that really impressed me is the ability of the author to present loads of information and technical ideas in a clear, simple and very easy to understand manner.

I hope that this Growing Elite Marijuana Review will help you make a good decision.

 NOTE: Growing Elite Marijuana only comes in a downloadable eBook form which can be read by eBook readers, ipad, computers, and other devices.

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About the Author:

Steve Love is one of the people behind Growing Marijuana Tips. Together with his 5 friends, he grows and smokes marijuana regularly. He loves trying to grow new strains and smoke them for medical and recreational purposes.

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  1. Well reviewed. I’m just wondering if you have more ebook reviews that we can read before buying? I appreciate what you are doing in your website. Thank you

    1. Yes we will have more marijuana growing ebook reviews posted here. If you find one eBook and have used it and you would like to share it to all, please let us know and we will be glad to post it here.

      Since our website is still new, we are still writing more contents and doing some changes. Will update you soon. Please check back for more posts.

      Thank you for your time.

      GMT Admin

    1. We are still new in the internet. We just started last month. We will be adding videos and pictures to our posts. Please keep updated. A video for this review will be added soon. Thank you for asking.

  2. I just like the valuable information you provide on your articles.
    I’ll bookmark your blog and check again right here frequently. I am relatively sure I’ll learn many new stuff right right here!

    Good luck for the next!

  3. Quality content is the crucial to invite the people to visit the website,
    that’s what this website is providing.

    1. Thank you very much for bookmarking our website. I hope you’ll learn a lot from our growing marijuana tips. If you have any questions regarding growing cannabis, please leave us a comment or send us an email through our contact.

  4. I purchased this ebook the other week and I just want to leave my own review about this ebook here.

    The growing marijuana eBook is perfect for me, newbie. It teaches a lot of information and I am learning to grow my own weed with it. Step by step guide is here and I can say that it’s giving me the best guide ever.

    The bonus that came with are amazing. With just $57, I got more than what I pay for. I highly recommend this ebook. No garbage here and only valuable information and guide about growing marijuana.

  5. I don’t want to get robbed. I have purchased a lot of ebooks already but all were just crap. I am not sure whether i can learn from this one. Maybe,i’ll try it real soon.

  6. I purchased this ebook and it’s the best. I hAve purchased a lot of garbage lately but this one is the real deal. Thank you admin for sharing your review!

    1. I also purchased this growing guide and I am currently growing my own weed indoors. It’s easy to follow and even the newbiest of all newbies can follow this guide.

      Peter here!

  7. Hi GMT, can you recommend any books with advanced practical and technical growing information? Soil or hydro, looking for something with more than just basic generalizations about grow room setups, etc.


    1. Hello,

      Have you purchased the Growing Elite Marijuana by Ryan Riley? That’s the best growing marijuana eBook that we have came across so far. It covers hydroponics and soil growing. It is good for beginners and advanced growers alike.

      We will keep on digging to more growing marijuana eBooks so that we can provide you (our readers) the best book that fits your need.

  8. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for
    your next post thanks once again.

  9. Ok..well, I ordered the growing elite marijuana books assuming they would actually be material that would be sent to me…however,I then find out they are ebooks… Well, that creates a problem considering I do not have any thing to download it on.. Considering the web site says 100% money back guarantee, I contacted the email and pretty much feel like I’m getting the run around.. I waited to post a review, due to the fact of the hopes I would still be receiving a refund in. The amount I paid for this purchase that I am unable to receive…which was $57…ok so no big deal to many, but to me, that is a big deal, because hey, after all, who has $57 to give away, which is what it feels like I did with it. This may not be the place to post this, but due to the fact that Ryan Riley is pretty much unable to be contacted other than email, I have no choice…I just was a refund. Thanks

    1. Hey Tamara,

      Yes it’s not a physical book. What gadget do you use? I presume you have a computer. All ebooks can be downloaded in a computer and you can print this one so that you can have the physical version of it. Ryan’s website actually mentions that this is an ebook.

      I haven’t tried contacting Ryan because I had no problem with my purchase of this one so I don’t know if he responds quickly or not. Perhaps, he is too busy and he will reply to you anytime soon.

  10. I order your grow elite book and five free seeds .But I cant get into it because for some reason .There is a lock on it I cant remember what it is .It is something with z on it I believe .

    1. We don’t sell the growing elite marijuana ebook. We just provide a review for it. Please contact Ryan directly in his website.

  11. disregard my last comment i ment,how do i kill the CENIPEDE like BUGS in my planted soil? HAVE NOT GOT THE BOOK YET BUT WILL BE MY NEXT PERCHUS. i all so have powder molde any suggestions..

    1. General marijuana growing info is such a broad topic. There are lots of stuff that you need to understand and learn if you haven’t tried yet. I suggest that you check the book or you can use the posts that we have in our website for some info.

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