Growing Marijuana Tips – How to Get More Harvest?

Growers want bigger yields for less time, money, and effort. Producing powerful, tasting, and fragrant home grown buds is the goal that would result to harvest the best strain. If you want to have good marijuana yields, here are the easiest ways to raise your cannabis at the perfect time.

Ways how to successfully grow your cannabis

1. Increase light

So many people asked on how to produce big, numerous, and dense buds. The answer is to intensify your light capacity. In that way, you effectively increase the bud size on its flowering stage.

Light is the fundamental food of a plant. It delivers photosynthesis making the leaves absorb more energy coming from the sun. As a rule of thumb, intense light = larger buds = bigger yields. Getting insufficient light energy pushes plants to stretch upwards toward the light during the vegetative stage. As a result, it falls easily and tends to grow as a tall and gaunt plant which is disadvantage to growers because tower-like plants tend to reach the proper sunlight. Thus, results in a lower yield.

So to have an ease during the flowering stage, it is suggested to provide higher lights to drive the production of the buds. Most lights used are CFLs and fluorescent grow lights, and LED grow lights. Remember to prevent heat stress by having some sort of cooling to help bring CO2 to the plants.

2. Arrange the plant structure as such bend, net, and top

Your setup is what the cannabis depends on growing. Flat and short plants exposes to sunlight, therefore has the greater percentage to be closer to the light source. Many growers are using a screen or net to guide the force of plants growing flat. This technique is known to be ScrOg or Screen Of Green. However, some prefer to use Super Cropping by bending the plant so that stems will lay flat alongside with the other plants. A firm pressure helps to bend it without breaking then conjoining them with the lying stems.

3. Give the right nutrients but not overdo it

Following the appropriate kinds of nutrients along with their schedule is a helpful technique you can rely too. Nutrients and supplements also serve as the food of your plant, but prevent it from nutrient burn. Nutrient burn comprises with the yellowish parts of the plants especially from the leaves. To have a healthy grow of cannabis, it is important to understand your marijuana type and what how much nutrient they need. Adding high levels of nutrients, especially nitrogen, refrains the plant to produce and develop buds instantly.

4. Control temperature

Powering your yields would create much better growth if you control the temperature and its humidity. It significantly affects the smell and potency of the buds when too high temperature is applied.

5. Wait the right time for harvest

Ripening your buds appropriately maximizes yields. At the most strains of cannabis, about 2 to 3 week window basis wherein the buds are ready to be harvested. Waiting until the right time to harvest your yields affects the effects of it. Early harvest has the buzzy daytime high, while the ripened ones give a relaxing experience.