Cannabis Growing Tips and Guides for Growing Indoors, Outdoors, Hydroponics

Knowing the basics of growing marijuana as well as the advanced techniques will help cannabis growers obtain positive and abundant harvest of high quality buds. Marijuana is also known as weed and just like any other weed plants, it can grow in whatever type of environment. However, if you desire to improve the quality of your marijuana crop and increase harvest, learning and applying the different tips and guides for pot growing are necessary whether you decide to grow the plants outdoors, indoors or in a greenhouse using hydroponic nutrient solution or soil as grow medium or any other weed growing weed methods available. For some people, growing cannabis plants seems to be an easy task to do. Browsing through the internet, you will find various websites presenting step-by-step guidelines and helpful tips for growing cannabis. Marijuana growing advancements like cultivating weed in a hydroponic system and other grow techniques that can speed up marijuana’s growth will produce an excellent yield of high quality cannabis buds.

In our website, you can read about the different guides and tips on how to grow marijuana indoors, outdoors, hydroponics and other growing methods. You can also find some tips and guides on marijuana sexing, harvesting cannabis, cloning, and a lot more.

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Growing Indoors Versus Cultivating Outdoors: Which is the Best Marijuana Growing Environment

Growing cannabis indoors or outdoor has its own advantages and disadvantages that a marijuana gardener must know before the pot growing project is started. A lot of growers are often asking which is the best environment for growing marijuana. Is it indoors or outdoors?

To obtain the best out of the weed plants, grow them in a suitable environment- indoor pot seeds must be grown inside while outdoor type of seeds are best cultivated outside.

Indoor growing offers a discrete way of cultivating cannabis plants which is of utmost importance for gardeners situated in countries where pot growing is not yet legal. Aside from the security and safety that an indoor garden can assure, growing indoors gives the advantage of controlling the entire environment so cannabis plants can grow up to their maximum since they are protected against pests and mold growth. Almost all growing factors are controllable such as the odor, light intensity, water supply, ventilation and the levels of humidity and temperature. On the other hand, growing outdoors can give marijuana plants the natural growing environment where sunlight is the main source of light and is known to be very important for the plant’s photosynthesis.

What is Hydroponics and What are the Other Grow Mediums

In growing marijuana through a hydroponics system, the plants’ growth is faster as compared when they are cultivated using soil as medium. The hydroponics system will allow marijuana plants to grow faster because they have more access to oxygen and the nutrients are directly introduced to the roots. This type of grow method is excellent for those who want to harvest buds earlier and wanted to grow more weed crops in a year. Hydroponics system provides the plants with the best environment because they are not prone to common pests and other soil-borne diseases. Growers get faster growing marijuana plants because nutrients, oxygen and water are introduced directly to the roots.

Aside from the hydroponics system, cannabis plants can also be grown using other grow mediums such as perlite, rockwool, coco coir, clay pellets and the soil which is the most commonly used medium because of its availability. In hydroponics, rockwool is often used as the grow medium because of its ability to retain large amount of water. Clay pellets have a neutral pH, will expand and become porous, giving the plants good aeration and drainage for proper development and stronger roots. Perlite is porous and has an excellent water retention capacity so roots can develop well. Commercial potting soil is also a good medium for growing because of its texture and good draining properties.

Why Grow your Own Weed- Growing Cannabis Advantages and Disadvantages

Growing your own weed either for medical or recreational purposes offers several advantages. It will require money, time, effort and skills. Even though it is easier to purchase marijuana buds to smoke than growing starting from pot seeds that can take a longer time before you can smoke the buds, still many cannabis enthusiasts prefer to grow their own plants. You will know exactly what kind of buds you will smoke if you are growing your own marijuana plants. You can obtain the kind of high you want from the buds by harvesting them with proper timing. If sativa high is desired, harvest the buds earlier while harvesting later can give buds with high content of CBD that is responsible for that indica high.

In most countries, growing cannabis is prohibited. Growing these plants on your own even for the purpose of medication may put you at risk of being caught by authorities. This is one of the disadvantages of cultivating your own cannabis plants. Buying buds from a local supplier will allow marijuana enthusiasts to immediately smoke and enjoy the buds using any paraphernalia. If you are growing cannabis on your own, you need to have patience since it will take time before you can taste those buds.