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After the vegetative phase of cannabis growing, the next stage is the flowering time in which the plants will start to bloom and produce buds. The flowering period is the time for you to decide whether you want only female plants that produce buds or you want to retain some males for pollination. Whether you want the weed plants for pollination or mainly for bud production, provide the plants with the necessary nutrients and light requirements. For great bud production, allow 12 hours darkness and 12 light hours.

Waiting for the marijuana plants to flower may take longer or earlier, depending on the type of strain you are growing. As compared to indica types, the sativa marijuana plants can take longer to flower. During the flowering period of growing marijuana, the amount of buds produced will largely depend on the light cycle, nutrients and of course, the seed genetics.

Tips during Marijuana Flowering Stage

–          If you want to maintain the high potency of the buds produced, growing marijuana should de bone in the best grow environment and that would mean less stress inflicted on the plants. Stress caused by the environment, inappropriate humidity level, too much fertilizer or too much of the pesticides can affect marijuana’s bud production.

–          Whether you are growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, feed the plants with right amount of nutrients. During flowering, marijuana needs more of potassium and phosphorus.

–          If you want to induce flowering in pot growing, subject your weed plants to 36 hours of dark period. The long dark period will give signal to the plants that flowering time should begin.

When growing weed indoors, provide the plants with 12 hours of light and dark period. During dark hours, do not turn on the light because it can interrupt the budding process of marijuana. Keep the humidity level at around 30% to 40% in your indoor growing pot garden. Maintain a low humidity. High humidity within the grow room will invite mold growth. Molds can grow on buds and eventually may destroy the entire pot garden. For maximum bud production, supply cannabis with the right amount and spectrum of light. LED light, HPS lamps and fluorescents are excellent for the flowering time of cannabis.

A lot of weed gardeners say that growing cannabis outdoors is easier than growing indoors, while others see it the other way. Although it is costly to set up an artificial light source, indoor growing has an advantage over growing pot outdoors. With indoor growing, the flowering time of marijuana can be induced and started earlier.

For a complete growing weed guide, the Growing Elite Marijuana eBook can help those who want to learn more about how to grow weed indoors, outdoors and in any growing environment.

18 thoughts on “Guide on Marijuana Flowering

  1. We are total novices at growing. We have 3 plants going outdoors in pots right now. They are 2-3 feet tall. We would like them to bud, of course. Should we move them indoors and control the lighting? Sounds like that’s what you recommend. 14 dark 10 light, ok? Must the dark be completely DARK or is a small amount of light ok? We have only our garage and our attic (that is uninsulated) to move them to. We don’t know if they’re males or females. Whatever advice you can give would be appreciated.



    1. Hey J,

      Thank you very much for stopping by in our website. There is no need for you to bring your weed indoors and control the light if it’s growing well outdoors already. The 12/12 lighting means that you are just trying to imitate the sunlight. Since it’s outdoors then you don’t have to think about the lighting for as long as it’s getting enough sunlight during the day and dark during the night.

      Why do you want to move them indoors by the way? You will know if they are males or females when they start showing up some buds. To learn more about how to identify male and female marijuana, I suggest that you read this post:

      By the way, a complete growing marijuana guide like a growing weed ebook can help you a lot if you want to learn more about growing marijuana. The Growing Elite Marijuana eBook might be of interest to you.


    2. Answering this old post because it might help someone. If you want to flower those plants, try this J,
      Get some trash cans! You will use the trashcans to control the outdoor light cycles, You will need to be dedicated because you are the timer. But by putting the cans over your plants you will set a 12/12 scheduled light cycle. Example: it gets dark at night at 8pm where you are at, so any time after 8 you cover the plants. Then at 8am you remove the cans!
      But you will be dedicated to this every day for 8 to 9 weeks. But you will get nice mid season or early buds without a indoor set up.

  2. I finally have a beautiful female yet, I really have no idea what it is. It’s 3foot tall and is flowering but not real hearty. I moved it to a smaller room and more controlled lighting and it’s just thinned out still has little flowers all over it. It’s like it’s drying up??? The plant is showing signs of stress and ive tried to prevent that. I haven’t been successful with it though for three weeks. I’m not sure what to do from here so I have it on a 12hr light and 12hr dark. I only water when it’s looks completely dry as for food I have miracle grow from a friend but everytime I’ve used it ive killed my plants. 4 of them died and they were all different strains talk about bummed. So, help I really want to have this one work. It’s such a beautiful plant. Oh I forgot to tell you as you know im new to the art of growing and have found that this plant is harder than any other foliage ive . Ive ever grown So early in the beginning I wanted to trim some of the bigger leaves just to make it easier for the light to hit the buds. Big mistake I think I took way too much off cuz after that it’s done hardly anything. Im still keeping it on the 12hron/12hr off. Should I maybe do a longer time in the dark to maybe rejuvenate it to stimulate the bud growth???? I spray it with tap waterr that ive sat out 24hrs so the sodium chloride is evaporated. Also the water that I use to water it I let sit as well. So, im just at a stage that im seeing such slow bud growth I don’t know what to do. It’s in regular backyard soil the roots look good everything looks conducive but it’s not responding like id like. So anything to help would be greatly appreciated I want good beautiful bud the marijuana that helps you cool down and just veg. That’s what.i hope I am growing. How do you tell what kind im growing?? I looked thru a lot pics and it appears to look like sativa but as for a special name like all the kushes and other brands im just not sure of that. So basically the plant has sparse leaves but lil flowers everywhere on it and it’s gotta do something soon I know if I can get these buds to grow it’s gonna be very good weed I just need your help to get me there. I have a flood light I was think of using just to get more light I currently have 2 lights on it. I’m thinking that may be what it needs. o bviouslywhat I think isn’t working so i’ll wait to hear fro you. Thank You

  3. Have a female that’s only 13″ tall but it’s already flowering with buds. Will it get taller. From pics I’ve looked at it’s indica. Oh it’s been two weeks of flowering any suggestions?

      1. Not sure I understand your reply. Not sure what particular strain my plant is but it resembles more of a indica than savita strain. Got some seeds from a friend not sure if kush or other particular type.

        1. Did you change the light to 12/12 to trigger the flowering? Or did it just flower even without the change of light cycle? It’s possible that you are growing an autoflowering strain. They tend to flower quickly and are smaller than other strains out there.

          Stop with Nitrogen nutrients at this time. It needs more Phosphorous and other nutrients at this stage.

          You want Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium and some Sulfur (there are other micro-nutrients usually found in good blooming feeds).

          Once a plant ‘shows’ slow growth or visible symptoms of any kind, it has already experienced nutritional stress. Allow some time (once diagnosed & corrected) for the plant to recuperate to a vigorous growth stage. This is an entire science and I do not have enough space here to cover it all – but I want you to know the important stuff.

          The flowering time differs for each strain. Since you don’t know what that is, I recommend that you buy a magnifier so that you can check the buds for snow like effect around the buds. These are the trichomes that contain the THC. We are seeking for THC here and once you see them then that’s the sign that they are ready for harvest.

          1. Yes changed to 12/12 light and am using a liquid nutrient solution just for blooming.Just surprised that it’s showing buds all over at such a short height. Thank you for the advice.

          2. There are strains which are just too short. It could be that you are growing a dwarf strain. 🙂

      1. I had one other comment. This is my first grow and I am currently using 4 cfl bulbs,(23 watts), and the seem to be growing fine. Should I use more lights. When I take them out of the 12 dark they have increased in height and buds are bigger.

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