How Much Marijuana Will an Indoor Grown Plant Yield

Growing marijuana indoors is becoming very common especially in countries where pot growing and selling are not yet legalized. It has become a favorite past time for several marijuana enthusiasts who are growing cannabis either for medical purposes or for recreational use. We know that sunlight is the natural and best source of light for cannabis growing but in places where natural sunlight is not abundant, pot gardeners prefer to grow marijuana indoors.

Every marijuana grower is aiming to obtain high amount of yield during harvest period. The amount of yield that weed plants produce will depend on different factors. Growing outdoors will give large yield because of the abundant sunlight that the plants are receiving. Now, if you are growing cannabis plants indoors, then how much can you expect during harvest time? The amount of harvest expected from marijuana plants grown indoors will depend on several factors.

Factors That Affect the Amount of Yield Produced By Indoor Weed Plants

The amount of buds produced will actually depend on the type of strain you have chosen to grow. Depending on the genetics, some strains can produce up to 400-700 grams or more when growing weed indoors.

Sex of Marijuana Plants
Only female marijuana plants will produce buds. Growing marijuana with male characteristics (hermaphrodites) will produce lesser yield. Once male weed plants are detected in your indoor weed garden, pull them out as soon as possible before they get the chance to pollinate with the female ones. If you want higher yield, then growing marijuana seeds that are feminized is recommended.

Temperature and Ventilation

Growing weed plants in a well-ventilated indoor garden having the right level of humidity and temperature will produce healthier marijuana plants that can give excellent amount of yield.
Water and Fertilizers
Providing marijuana plants with the basic and secondary nutrients will promote stronger roots and overall healthy and fast growth. However, giving them too much of these fertilizers and over-watering your plants will cause harm. Too much fertilizer may burn the top of your weed plants.

Indica Yield versus Sativa Yield

The amount of yield produced will also depend on the type of marijuana you are growing-either indica or sativa. Indica pot plants produce higher yield as compared to sativa types and are usually grown inside because of its short height.

Amount of harvest that a gardener growing weed can obtain will depend on a variety of factors. Genetics is one. The medium used, amount of water given, fertilizers, ventilation, temperature, type of weed (sativa or indica) and sex of the marijuana plants are some of the factors that can influence amount of yield.


  1. What can I expect from 10 White Widows Indoor in a 4by4 tent under 1000 HPS. This is my first attempt And I really want to do it right. I think I got all the right shit but what about germination in Toronto in the colder temperatures and do I need C02. Any ideas or input will be appreciated.

    • You can expect around more or less 4000 grams total for 10 White Widow plants in that grow setup (if grown well). For as long as you are growing indoors in Toronto then the temperature won’t matter.

      I suggest that you germinate the seeds using the water soaking method (18 hours) in a cup of distilled water. Then transfer to wet paper towel. Make sure the paper towel is kept moistened. The paper towels should be on top of a plate. Seeds covered with another paper towel on top of it.

      You don’t need CO2.

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