How to Induce Marijuana Plants to Flower

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The cannabis plant will start to pre-flower during the 4th week of vegetation and once it already reached 12” in height. Pre-flowering can easily be detected through the use of a magnifying glass. The marijuana plant will start to pre-flower, then it will enter into the full flowering stage. Once the marijuana plants are big enough, you can already induce them to produce buds.

marijuana flowers
The following are some of the steps that can be done to induce flowering phase of cannabis:

1. Marijuana plants grown indoors can be induced to flower by introducing them to dark cycles of 11 to 13 hours. Longer dark periods will hasten the maturity of buds. Keeping the plants in a strict 12 hours light regimen with no light or no more than a full moon like kind of light intensity will induce the plants to produce flowers.

2. For 2 weeks, the cannabis plants can also be covered at 8 pm and uncover them at 8 in the morning. This will make the plants start producing buds. Continue doing this routine to allow marijuana plants to completely flower without going back to the vegetative period.

3. Supply the marijuana plants with fertilizers formulated specifically for blooming. Feed the plants with high percentage of phosphorus. Along with dark cycles, introduce a high phosphorus plant food and supply them with water diluted Epsom salts for sulfur minerals and magnesium. Trace minerals can also be used as an addition to the flowering fertilizer.

Dark periods are required for ganja plants to start flowering and bear fruit. The dark cycle for budding time should be very dark without any light interruptions. If you are growing weed in a greenhouse set up, you can get a blanket as covering to make longer night hours during long days in summer. For an indoor grow room, the lamp can be put into a timer for regular and strict dark period of uninterrupted light. Strict schedule of dark periods will begin your cannabis plants to flower.

Please note that using longer dark periods to accelerate maturity to reach the end of the flowering phase may reduce total yield at harvest time. Early budding may be observed one to two weeks after turning back the lights to 12 hours. From 3 to 6 weeks after the lights are turned back, you will see your marijuana plants heavily covered with white pistils that will soon become mature flowers.

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3 thoughts on “How to Induce Marijuana Plants to Flower

  1. Looking for the up`s and downs of scrogging cannabis, and when to start??? Also is it true that the bigger the amount of medium and bigger sized growing pots the better the results. Thanks mattywana

    1. Scrog method won’t work well if you are unsure of your marijuana plants sex. You have to make sure that you are growing female plants only.

      The medium has a big influence towards the health of your marijuana plants, so my answer would be yes but too much would be bad because it would eat up a lot of your space. Enough is the best. How much is enough? Well, common sense applies.

      1. i have plants 5 ft tall that i germinated from bag seed in march..its now end of june and ther r no sighns of early sexing,,with the summer solstace now passed i know it will be a couple months before they start flowering,,but even with a magnifying glass,,i see no sighn of sex,,,is this normal?i have 29 plants in all,from 6inches to 5 ft, tall

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