How to Take Care of Marijuana Seedlings

After germinating the marijuana seeds and you see that they have already fully sprouted, special care must be given to the young cannabis seedlings since they are very delicate during this stage.  You can get a lot of information on how to grow marijuana from websites and forums but getting a complete how to grow weed book like the Growing Elite Marijuana eBook by Ryan Riley won’t give you any headache because it’s very comprehensive, complete and you don’t need to go online just to study how to grow your own weed. Now that the cannabis seeds have sprouted, the next thing to do is to take care of the seedlings so they can fully develop and turn into healthy and fast-growing weed plants.

marijuana seedlings

Choosing the right size of containers for the cannabis seedlings

Selecting the right type and size of container is vital for the proper growth of the marijuana seedlings. Choose the type of container that is able to accommodate the growing size of the young plants. Since it is not recommended to transplant the seedlings several times and during the entire growing cycle of the plants, getting the right size of pots or containers is important so they won’t suffer shock every after transplanting. Small to medium-sized containers is usually needed as the cannabis plants grow in size until they will start to vegetate.

Tips when planting the marijuana seedlings

Cannabis seedlings are so delicate, so be very careful when transplanting them to your chosen medium to prevent stress on them. Upon putting the soil medium in the container, make a hole using a pencil. Put the cannabis seedlings in the hole with the roots side down and cover it with soil. Water them until the soil is moist but do not overwater to avoid drowning.

Light for the pot seedlings

Pot seedlings need only a very minimal light. The use of incandescent bulbs is not recommended because they put off too much heat. Young seedlings are best grown under LED lights, fluorescents and metal halides. The best way of how to grow marijuanaplantsis to start caring when they are still seedlings and providing just the right intensity and spectrum of light will give them a stronger root system.

Watering and feeding the young cannabis plants

Adding fertilizer is not a requirement for the seedling unless you are growing them in a soilless medium. Watering schedule is usually twice a day for the first few days. The frequency of watering will also depend on the humidity level and temperature. Watering should be done a few inches base of the pot seedlings and not directly because the roots and the stem can easily be damaged.

In search for more information on how to grow marijuana, you also have to pay more attention on how to take care of the young marijuana seedlings because failure in this initial stage will not promote stronger root system and may eventually cause the seedlings to die.

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  1. well I had ten seeds, 100 percent germination and then all ten died, so I’m left here scratching my ass wondering what went wrong and what to do 77 dols shot in the ass

    • GMT Admin GMT Admin says:

      There are a lot of possible reasons for this kind of problem.

      1. Root rotting caused by too much water.
      2. Drying.
      3. Absence of light.
      4. Etc.

      What happened? It would be great if you can provide more information.

      • well I felt I had all bases covered, the only thing may have gone wrong where I was montoning the temp was not at the light where I found the temp to be higher and less humidity, so I have adj those 2 things for less heat and more humidity maybe that will help me where is a good seed bank I am wondering maybe a slight chance bad seeds just a guess trying to cover all the bases

        • GMT Admin GMT Admin says:

          Have you checked the PH level of your soil? Or there is also a chance that it’s because of the temp. I doubt that it’s because of the seed bank because all germinated. How long have you been growing?

        • well it depends on what time you get this, not long, first shot at it, I am working on my soil right now, ph get it where it will drain good,i read about anything I can find on the net on this,i guess im going to the college of hardknocks right now

          • GMT Admin GMT Admin says:

            Yes there are a lot of good guides that you can find on the internet. Have you checked the Growing Elite Marijuana eBook by Ryan Riley? I wrote a review about that book. You might want to check it out. It would help you a lot in your grow.

  2. i!ve been growing for several years using hydro. I had killer weed until I lost my crop. I used clones to get restarted but the quality is not the same strain. I’m trying to improve quality by another strain but have to grow it from seed which I have never done. I got 1 sprout but I don’t know what to do next. It’s about 3 inches long with leaves starting to sprout. Its in a small rockwool cube. Do I just keep waiting for some structure or should I be doing something else? Help please!j

  3. When that happened to me I think I gave the plant fertilizer too early. I gave the plants a mild dose, about 1/4 the recommended amount, but that must have been too much because the plants burnt up. Turned brown and dry and flaked away. I’m sure I fertilized too early. I lost all ten NL #5 X Haze, over $200 in seeds. Lesson learned. I won’t do that again. I’m just going to used distilled water at a neutral ph for the first couple of weeks of life.

    • GMT Admin GMT Admin says:

      Yes that’s right@ Feeding them too early with fertilizer would cause trouble. They are very delicate.

    • I used rainwater to germinate in a paper towel, not colored paper either, put seeds in between the paper towel and keep it wet with rain water with another saucer covering the seeds to keep light out. after seeds got a root of about 1/4″ I put them into 1 gallon pots using run of the mill potting soil with no light until it sprouts out of the soil. then keep the light close to the plant, you dont want to make it stretch, cuz it will get tall and skinny and fall over and croak…….and dont over water, water about every 2 to 3 days until it is in full vegetation then hit it will “rainwater” every day., put a bucket out side to collect rain water.

      • GMT Admin GMT Admin says:

        Yes rain water also works. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      • This is the first time I have read about the same problem that killed my seedlings. They got too long and fell over and died. You say that that is because they were reaching for light? So I need to put light on them as soon as I plant them correct? I waited too long last time I guess.

  4. Don’t use gallon pots for seedlings this will disrupt there growth. Put them in small pots and after about 3 weeks put them in gallon pots and lights should be kept low for seedlings so they don’t stretch for it. You don’t want limp plants.

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