Is It Safe to Move Indoor Cannabis Outdoor for Light

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Marijuana plants either grown indoors or outdoors need a good source of light to thrive well and produce a bountiful harvest. If you start growing cannabis plants indoors, an artificial light source needs to be installed. In indoor marijuana growing, you can grow the young weed plants in pots or small to medium-sized containers. Growing cannabis in pots will give you ease if you want to transfer marijuana plants from indoors to outdoors and from the outside area going back inside especially at times when there are heavy rains and strong wind.

Several marijuana gardeners would often ask if it is safe for the weed plants to be moved from an indoor garden going outside for light. Yes, it is safe as long as you do the transferring correctly without hurting the marijuana plants. Growing weed outside will have the sun as the main source of light. Indoor cannabis plants can be transferred safely outdoors so they can receive as much light especially during the vegetative stage.

If you are afraid of burning your weed plants, do not place them under the direct sunlight. Some gardeners growing weed would place their plants outside for a couple of hours during the first day they are exposed to the sun. After an hour or two of sun exposure, you can bring the pot plants back inside.

The Benefits of Exposing Marijuana Plants under the Sunlight

Exposing marijuana plants under the natural sunlight is most beneficial especially during the vegetative period in which they need to receive as much light for fast vegetative growth. Place your plants in a spot where they can have as much sunlight.

To avoid burning the top of the weed plants, transfer them outside in a shady area first during the first few days of exposure. No direct sunlight since the plants can get burned quickly under the heat of the sun. After 5 days or so and when the indoor pot plants can already adapt the outside environment, you can begin exposing them under direct sunlight.

If you start growing pot indoors and you want to place them outside for the plants to receive natural sunlight, do it carefully and avoid placing them directly under the sun for the first few days. It is an advantage if you are growing marijuana seedlings in pots or small to medium-sized containers for easy transferring from an indoor garden going outside.

3 thoughts on “Is It Safe to Move Indoor Cannabis Outdoor for Light

  1. Hi,
    My plants are now 9 weeks old and have been growing inside under T5 lights for 18 hours a day. I want to move them out into my greenhouse next week but the light duration is not 18 hours but will be 14:46 hours on June 12 when I will move them out. My question is: does the 18 hours to 14:46 hours of light differential (artificial to natural) present any problems? Is so what and what do I do about it?

  2. I think they might show there sex, but you’ll need like 12 to 14 hours of darkness to start the full budding cycle or hang some 100 watt leds for the few hours you need.

  3. I’m gonna start my plant in a coffee can inside and let it pop out of the dirt and after a week I’m gonna move them out side in Sun light for haft day lightumg for a week then move them in a bigger permanent container and leave them out side permanently and let them have as much Sun light as possible then after to months what I’ll do is clip off the leafes that is called suckers and and every 3 nights

    If u have your plants out side and doing good do this one time after 3 mounth of plants day one life give it cold water and. Place ice cubes around the stock to tick it into budding

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