Some Useful Marijuana Cloning Tips

Cloning marijuana plants would save you time and money. Aside from that, learning how to clone your cannabis plants would make you preserve your favorite marijuana strain.

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Knowing the advantages, you might want to consider growing weed plants starting from clones instead of cultivating from marijuana seeds. If you want to save time in growing marijuana, start with cannabis cuttings from a mother plant having good genetics. Growing cannabis from clones will result in an early harvest of buds because through cloning, you can skip the germination process of seeds. You can get marijuana clones from friends or you can buy them from other cannabis breeders. Through cloning, you can continually grow an exceptional weed strain without buying seeds in each growing season.

Get the best strain as a mother plant whether you are growing weed from clones for your own personal use or for making good money by selling either fresh pot cuttings or rooted clones. If you are presently growing pot with exceptional qualities, why not preserve its quality by cloning them. That way, you are ensured of growing marijuana with exceptional characteristics.

Take the Cuttings from the Mother Plant

To take the cuttings from the mother plant, first, you need to gather all the necessary equipment like scissors, razor blade, trays, and rooting hormone. The clones can root even with the use of water alone. But if you want the freshly cut stem to root faster, you can dip them in a rooting hormone, in the form of gel or powder. Choose a mother plant with good genetics so your time won’t be wasted. Take cuttings from the mother plant that measure from 6 to 8 inches. Using a sterilized razor blade, cut the stem or the branch of the mother plant diagonally.

Here are some tips on how to clone marijuana and how to take care of the cuttings:

  • Change the water in the rooting tray every other day. See to it that you do not drain all the water to prevent bubbling on the stem area that may cause the clones to die.
  • Using an artificial light like fluorescent, keep it at a distance of 7 inches on top of the marijuana cuttings.
  • Regularly check the cuttings and if you observe that they look dry, simply mist them to provide moisture.

Cloning is the best way to preserve and keep on growing your favorite marijuana strain. The best thing about cloning is that you will have an early harvest and you can enjoy growing your favorite weed without buying new pot seeds. Less time is spent on marijuana growing and saving money is possible because there is no need to purchase new cannabis seeds every time you want to start a pot project.