Signs that Marijuana Plants are Ready for Harvest

In cannabis growing, the harvest is the time when growers are most excited about. This is the time of reaping the fruit of your labor in growing pot. One of the best indicators that buds are ready to harvest is when they change their color, from white to reddish brown or orange. In growing cannabis, do the harvest earlier to obtain a cerebral high effect while smoking the marijuana buds. If a body buzz is preferred, then harvest the buds late so THC can be lowered while increasing the CBD level. The best thing to do for you to know that it is about time to harvest is to examine closely the buds.

Magnify the Cannabis Buds

Female marijuana plants produce white hairs called pistils which turn reddish brown or orange when ripened. The female characteristics of cannabis will start to show up during the pre-floral phase but males mature faster than the females. Traits of males are becoming more evident earlier by forming clusters of small balls. These small balls are identifiable through the use of a magnifying glass. With your two naked eyes, the male flowers can be mistaken as pistils. Taking a closer look through a magnifier, you should see bunches of small balls if you are growing marijuana males and small white hairs if you are growing weed females.

Harvest Time to Obtain the Most Potent Marijuana Buds

Depending on the kind of strain you are cultivating, buds can already be harvested 6 to 12 weeks after the flowering phase has started. In growing cannabis, the indica types are expected to flower earlier than most sativa types. You will know that buds are mature when white hairs start to turn brown, red or orange. Harvest the buds early if you want more potent buds. The THC content of marijuana is higher when harvested early while late harvest lowers the THC level. It’s a good time to start harvesting when the young flowers start to turn reddish brown. The time of bud harvest will actually depend on your preference.If you are after buds that are highly potent, harvesting should be done earlier.

Harvest Time for the Purpose of Selling

Those who are growing cannabis for the purpose of selling are harvesting buds during the late flowering time. The weight of the buds will increase when buds are allowed to over-ripen. Extra resin is produced when you wait long before harvesting. Late harvest will increase the bud weight but will reduce potency.

If you would like to learn more about how to grow weed or harvest weed the right way then you might want to get yourself a growing marijuana book. There are a lot of marijuana growing guides on the internet but they are not as organized as the growing elite marijuana ebook that you can buy online.


  1. Im a begginer when it comes to growing. Im currently growing some super skunk right now and my plants are in the 4th week of vegetation. Today I used my diluted human urine to fertilize my plant for the first time. I used a ratio of 20:1, (water:urine) Is it ok that I use my diluted urine, how frequently should I use it, and when should I stop, and when the flowering stage comes, what type of fertilizer should I use? Also, since im in my 4th week of vegitation, how much longer do I have to wait to harvest my buds early because I want high potency? And finally, if I harvest early, can I still get a high yield from my super skunk plants?

    • GMT Admin GMT Admin says:

      Using of urine is okay but it’s not going to provide your plants the enough fertilizer it needs. And urine might attract ants so you should watch over that. And urine smells bad.

      I suggest that you buy a growing marijuana book so that it can guide you through the whole process. I suggest that you read this post

      • Will my super skunk plant survive if I began to give it nutrients for the first time during the fifth week of vegetation, or did I start to late?

    • GMT Admin GMT Admin says:

      There are different kinds of nutrients that should be applied for each stage of your marijuana plants. Knowing how and when to fertilize marijuana can be difficult if you don’t have the correct guide. Growing Elite Book which contains a complete growing marijuana guide so I can recommend it for you.

      Fertilizing marijuana is quite difficult if you don’t know how to do it. It might kill your mj. There is a correct level of fertilizer to use (kind and measurement or amount per feeding) that if you commit some mistakes with it then it would kill your plant. I think it would be better if you buy the book. It’s worth your money. Trust me I and my team have bought it and we have tried using it to test it whether or not it works for us. And yes it worked.

      Read our Growing Elite Marijuana Review here

  2. Patrick says:

    I have an accidental plant which is doing very well, which makes me want to grow a few more personal pants. Will they survive outdoors in summertime in Phoenix, and is there ny easy reading which I can obtain cheaply, I say easy because I already know I won’t read a huge book of sciencey words.

    • Oh ya and can I trim half a plant at a time as half is getting more sun than the other but the shaded side seems to be developing just a little slower.

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