Some Useful Cannabis Seed Germination Tips

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In growing cannabis, the process of germinating the seeds is quite an easy job to do. Nevertheless, marijuana seed germination will still demand for proper care, attention and time. Most newbie marijuana gardeners who fail to succeed in seed germination often lack the right information on how to handle marijuana seeds so they can germinate well. To germinate marijuana seeds correctly, provide them with these 3 necessary things- moisture, warmth and darkness. The area where you will store the pot seeds germinated should be kept warm and dark.


In growing weed plants from seeds, the germination process is one of the most crucial stages that will determine the success of your marijuana growing project. Obtain some helpful tips on how to properly germinate cannabis seeds to avoid wasting your time and money. First, you have to properly select the kind of seeds to use in growing pot. Choose the quality ones and do not go for inexpensive but low quality seeds.


Germinating Good and Bad Cannabis Seeds

In a pack of marijuana seeds, you may get bad and good ones. If you do not want your time and money to go wasted in growing weed, pay extra care during the seed selection. Choose high quality pot seeds so you can be confident of having a high success in germination. Bad seeds will not sprout and that would mean money loss on your part as a grower. Marijuana seeds that appear green or whitish are immature and thus, these seeds are not yet ready to sprout. If the pot seeds are dark brown in color or are nearly black, discard them as they have a lesser chance to sprout too.

Carefully choose the kind of seeds you want to use in marijuana growing. Germinate only healthy pot seeds. Healthy cannabis seeds have hard shells and look waxy. These are good seeds that can guarantee you of high germination rate as long as provided with these three necessary things- warmth, darkness and moisture.


Growing Pot- Caring for Marijuana Seedlings

In a day or two of the germination process, you will notice that seeds will start to split. After a few days or weeks, you should see your marijuana seeds finally sprouted. After the seed germination process, cannabis seedlings will grow faster as they begin to enter the vegetative period. Be very careful in handling marijuana seedlings as the tiny roots are fragile. Provide the seedlings with proper care and attention and once they are strong enough, then you can begin transplanting them in bigger pots or any medium of your choice.

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