Super Skunk Marijuana Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Super Skunk Seeds Included

As the name already hints, Super Skunk is a marijuana strain that is a very powerful and strong F1 Hybrid of the Skunk and Afghani cannabis strain. It is a favorite among Skunk cannabis strain lovers for its familiar kick and aroma. The Super Skunk weed was one of the winners of the 1990 High Times Harvest Festival, defeating its own similar version, the Skunk #1. This particular weed is best grown indoors or inside a greenhouse especially in temperate zones. The Super Skunk pot strain can be grown outdoors but it requires a mild and dry climate, and is still very volatile even if the suggested climate is present. The smell of this weed is very powerful so certain caution is advised if you wish to smoke this pot privately. It has a sweet and thick flavor. The Super Skunk marijuana strain’s buzz can be felt by in the mind and in the body as well. Too much though and it can cause lethargy.

Where to buy Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds?

Super Skunk seeds can be purchased from an online marijuana seed bank that sell affordable marijuana seeds. Just because the price of Super Skunk is cheap doesn’t mean that the seeds are low quality. There are a lot of marijuana seed companies that do their business on the internet and they compete to get more customers by lowering their pricing for their very high quality products thus ordering online is a better option than buying from a local supplier.

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Super Skunk Marijuana Specification
Type: Indica – Sativa Mix
Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks
Climate: Indoor
Yield: 500 gr/m2
Stone: Stoney yet high
THC Level: 10-%-25%
Height: 50-80cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy                                       

Special Features of Super Skunk

This strain is relatively easy to grow even by non-expert pot growers.

Indoor and outdoor garden (in mild climates) are the optimal environment for cultivating Super Skunk and even with the basic skills in pot growing, this strain can produce high yield.

Super Skunk is a robust type and has the natural ability to withstand various environmental conditions.

The smell is skunky and the flavor is sweet, intense and with a hint of citrus.

Super Skunk has good medical values and is beneficial for people suffering from headache, nausea and loss of appetite.

Smoking Super Skunk buds produces a couch-lock effect and will give you a body buzz that will make you feel relaxed.

Growing Super Skunk Tips

Since Super Skunk gives out a powerful skunky smell, growing this strain indoors will require the installation of a good odor control system to eliminate the strong odor.

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