The Difference of Early and Late Harvesting Of Marijuana

Growing weed plants either for the purpose of selling or for personal use is indeed a rewarding task if you do the proper growing techniques and have the right timing when harvesting the buds. In growing marijuana, you can enjoy buds with either high in THC level for cerebral effect or high in CBD for a great body buzz. The harvest time will actually depend on your preference. Harvest early if you want a high THC level and if high CBD content is preferred, do the harvest late. Harvesting the buds late will also increase weight but take note that while having an extra resin in the seed pods, the potency of the buds can lower.

Early Marijuana Harvesting in Pot Growing

Growing weed plants and harvesting early will give you highly potent buds to smoke. This is because the level of THC in buds during the early stage of maturity is very high. When almost 50% of the pistils have a change in color, it is a signal that you should begin reaping the buds to obtain the high tetrahydrocannabinol level that you desire.

Late Harvesting of Cannabis Buds

The later time you will harvest marijuana, you will have more CBD content to smoke from the buds than THC. The tetrahydrocannabinol content present in the buds is lowered as they approach to the late stage of maturity during the flowering time. As the THC level of marijuana slowly drops the weight of the buds increases because of extra resin production. Late harvesting will benefit much those people who are growing weed for selling purposes and those who have much preference over a couchlock effect. The CBD content in the buds is higher during the late phase of bud maturity.

Choosing the proper timing of harvesting pot buds will depend on several factors and that will include your purpose of growing cannabis. If your purpose of growing pot is to sell, then go for a late harvest since buds can increase in weight during the late stage of the budding time.

There is a difference if you harvest the buds late or early. The time of the harvest will matter if you are after the potency and weight of the buds. Decide whether you want an early or late harvest.  Reap the buds early for high potency and cerebral high and do a late harvest if you want to experience a body buzz effect as you smoke the buds.

What now?

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  1. M L Cooper says:

    When do I trim off water leaf so the small little bud will get more sunlight and nutrients. The plant is in soil and sprouted in early April

    • GMT Admin GMT Admin says:

      You can start cutting off water leaf as soon as you see that the buds are ready to get more sunlight and nutrients. There is no exact time or period to do this. You can do this when it is required however do not over cut or over hurt the plant because it might end up to stress and healing of their cut would need energy so it would really affect the marijuana plant. If you want a detailed step-by-step guide or growing marijuana book, click on the “eBook” menu page in our website to see our reviews of the best marijuana ebooks available now.

      • OwlMirror says:

        Simply Tie a string (w/tight knot) around the base of each leaf. The Trauma of the initial bruising & stranglehold of the tight knot will kill off the “water leaf” without causing as much stress as would taking the pruning shears & eliminating every “water leaf” in one afternoon.

  2. From experience I say you that as long as you have a potent strain, you can literally harvest when the plant is frosty and smelly. I did this to chocolope kush at 3 weeks, was very frosty even under leaves was total frost, buds small but very dank n smelly super sticky. the smell is the main indicator of potency and trichomes second. the said buds were dried in a sealed mason jar with a pingi dehumidifying sac at the bottom. Buds dried crisp n perfect within 48hours, smell n stickiness all legit, better than most other weed around, smoked perfect, taste pure no grass taste at all. sadly was better taste at end of joint than my Black I harvested properly and dried and cured properly, cured 1 wk might add. why? all I can theorize is that thc degrades so if you harvest early you get more thc which will degrade less over the short dry period and however long u cure for, vs drying for a week or two in air.
    it is proven a myth that you have to wait to the hairs turn colour and the trikes amber, both are myths, amber trikes mean no thc, by the time you dry n cure much less thc, yea you get tons more bud if you wait longer but in my experience it is a wasted effort as with long drying etc.
    talk is talk experience is truth in the pudding

  3. Mi have some coming and outdoor the b r purple how what colour it change to harvest

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