The Power of Weed Micro-Dosing

marijuana-micro-dosing Some stoners choose to ingest a huge amount of marijuana with the goal of experiencing that soaring, psychoactive high that made them use marijuana in the first place. However, as new studies shed new light on the issue, it has been revealed that medical users of marijuana may actually benefit more by weed micro-dosing. This refers to a practice of only using a small amount of weed in order to achieve a particular medical benefit, minus the feel of a psychedelic high.
For patients who depend on the use of medical marijuana, the importance of maintaining a low tolerance on marijuana, as well as conserving it in order to save some money, are very important aspects that need to be taken into consideration when starting a routine on marijuana use. Weed micro-dosing makes it possible to deal with both issues. One, it deliver the medical benefits that every marijuana patient deserves, and two, it also prevents the potential risks involved in overindulging.

Weed Micro-Dosing Explained

Weed micro-dosing refers to the use of smaller amounts of marijuana in order to attain the medical benefits that it offers, without having to go through the overall psychedelic high experience that are often linked with it. This means taking just a single puff out of a pipe or joint, consuming less than half of the dosage that is recommended for edible marijuana, as well as using a single drop of marijuana oil.
Reality dictates that it usually takes different dosages for every person to attain the same level of high. As such, gauging the actual dose needed may be quite challenging. Aside from the different tolerance among users, different strains also come with different THC levels. This means that there are some marijuana strains that have more level on CBD compared to others. At the same time, some were also created in order to assist a specific type of ailment. Since there are several options that can be availed of, there is no wondering why focusing on the identification of a set, exact dosage for a regimen in marijuana intake is almost impossible.
Weed micro-dosing removes all the need to guess when it comes to determining the amount of marijuana that you need to use. By taking a single hit on vape, or smoking out of a one-hitter, users of medical marijuana are capable of ingesting just small amounts of both CBD and THC, and still getting the same medical benefits without having to worry about the risk of experiencing the psychedelic effects.

Is it for You?

Before deciding whether or not weed micro-dosing is perfect for you, it is very important to experiment on your personal regimen in taking medical marijuana. This is so that you can possibly determine which specific micro-dosage works for you best. If you are fortunate enough to reside in an area where the use of medical marijuana has been considered legal, then it is good for you. At the same time, it is always recommend to consult your physician first in order to choose the right dosage, as well as the method of delivery, whether it be for inhaling, oils, or edibles.
If you are residing in an area where you have easy access to dispensaries, you have a wide array of delivery methods, and different strains to choose from. This will easily allow you to look for the best micro-dosing routine that is best for you. You may also want to take advantage of the valuable advice coming from a budtender. They are among those who can provide you with the best information in choosing the best strain that can work for your disability or sickness. There are also some who can provide you the best advice when it comes to identifying how various strains need to be taken by the body.
Identifying the exact micro dose which is suitable for you will turn out to be time consuming, as it will need a whole lot of trial and error. Therefore, it is highly advisable to start with a small amount first, and then you can add more if you have not yet reached a certain level where you can feel the desired effects. Keep in mind, however, that your ultimate goal here is to achieve the kind of relief that is specific for your ailment, without having to go through the feeling brought about by a psychedelic high.

If you are a patient depending on medical marijuana, it is always best to discuss your options first together with your physician. After all, they will be the ones who will give you the needed prescription in order to avail the marijuana strain needed for your treatment.