Tips on Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Safely

Buying marijuana seeds online is safe especially if you are buying from a legitimate online marijuana seed bank. There are a lot of real and legitimate marijuana seed banks on the internet nowadays and what you just need to do is to do your research first before ordering some marijuana seeds from them. There are forums, review websites, and a lot more which can tell you about the different marijuana seed banks.

Ordering marijuana seeds are basically not allowed in all countries so it is highly recommended that you check your local laws. The legitimate seed banks have disclaimer which reminds you about that recommendation.
Take a look at some of the tips that we have prepared for you so that could keep you safe with buying marijuana seeds online. Buying marijuana seeds online does have some risks and it would be very much a great idea if we follow some safety precautions before going ahead and get our hands some high quality weed seeds.
Here are some of the common concerns and tips on how you can get rid of the problems of buying marijuana seeds online:

Keep it a Secret

The very first reason why people get busted is this “they don’t keep secrets”. If you don’t want to get busted, then follow this tip. People except your fellow weed enthusiasts can’t be trusted when it comes to buying weed seeds. Just be quiet.

Only Buy from Proven and Tested Discrete Shippers

There are a lot of seed banks on the internet however you can only count those who can send their products right to your doorsteps. Some seeds could be intercepted by the customs because they don’t know how to handle this certain situation. Online marijuana seed banks or breeders like Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds and companies are known to have discrete shipping methods. We have tried ordering from them and they deliver well. Privacy protected! Even the mailman didn’t know what I ordered from them.

Discreet Payment Methods

Most seed banks accept credit cards. Make sure that the transaction data won’t show anything that you ordered marijuana seeds. You will know this by reading their Frequently Asked Questions page or by contacting their customer service representatives. Still scared with this way? Then, don’t worry because these seed banks remove your payment information right away after your order is processed. Still in doubt? Then, go for a pre-paid visa card, pay by cash through the mail, or do a bank transfer to the information (usually not related to marijuana) that they will provide you.

Use personal email address in dealing with them

Do not use business or work email address. Use your public or personal email address instead. Common sense applies here.

Be Patient

Most international marijuana seed banks like those which are located in Amsterdam (where marijuana seeds are cheaper yet high quality) take longer than what you are used to. Give it some time like 14 – 30 days or more before complaining to the vendor.

Bulk Orders should Come in Different Parcel

Do not combine shipping. If you buy in bulk then let the seed bank divide the items into several parcels so that you can manage the risk which allows smaller loss when they got lost in the mail (worst case scenario). Usually, marijuana seed banks replace lost shipment with a minimal fee for shipment while some won’t send you any replacement to avoid from loss on their part.

Go for Feminized Marijuana Seeds

It’s more costly yet more practical because you are sure that you’ll get female plants which will give you buds for smoking. However, if you want more seeds then male plants would be for you. Want to get quick flowering marijuana strains which are not dependent to light cycles? If you say yes, then order auto-flowering marijuana seeds.

Do your Homework

There are a lot of marijuana seed banks on the internet. While there are a lot of them which are real and legit, there are also some which are just here for one purpose which is to rip you off. To avoid from those scam, then do your homework. Read reviews or ask around the forums or you can view our recommended seedbanks below. We have tried ordering from them and we have received their products with no problem. All seeds are high quality and we even received some free seeds from them.

Best Seed Banks to Buy Marijuana Seeds in 2018

 Best Overall2nd Choice3rd Choice4th Choice5th Choice
Seed BankCrop King SeedsSun
West Genetics
Amsterdam Marijuana SeedsSeeds ManI Love Growing Marijuana
CountryCanadaCanadaNetherlandsUnited KingdomNetherlands
Payment OptionsCredit card, Bitcoin, Cash, Western Union, Paypal, International Money Order Interac-E transfer (Canada only)Credit card, Bitcoin, Cash, Western Union, Paypal, International Money Order Interac-E transfer (Canada only)Bank transfer, credit card, cash, bitcoinBank transfer, credit card, bitcoin, prepaid Visa cards, cash, postal orders, debit cards, checks, Sofort, and iDeal Credit card, cash, bitcoin, and bank transfer
ShippingWorldwideWorldwideWorldwideWorldwideSelect Countries
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