Top 5 Tourist Destinations for Pot Heads

If you are on vacation and you want to inhale weed and relax, finding a good destination that is not strict is quite challenging. If you are both a cannabis and a holiday lover, you often have to experience risks and stress in finding ways to hide yourself while enjoying a smoke. It is very important to keep in mind that marijuana is considered as illegal in most countries. As such, if you get caught, you may no longer be able to spend your time on your holiday, but may end up in jail. The good news is that, these days, this has become less of a concern. As a matter of fact, the Cannabis related tourism is seen to flourish in the USA, most especially in Washington and Colorado. The following are the top 5 tourist destinations for pot heads, which you can also enjoy.

Travel THC

Travel THC is a search engine which has been primarily designed to connect different smokers together with property owners who are also a fan of this industry. This is perfect for cannabis lovers who are searching for a marijuana friendly space. The services offered are quite similar to that of BnB. This service assists vacation goers in searching private residences where they can stay within Washington and Colorado. The current roster has about 40 properties, which means that the network is still fairly small. However, as they have more coverage from famous news networks such as the NBC, Vice and ABC, they are also hoping to easily become a household name, especially designed for travelers who are interested in having a private getaway where they can relax and indulge.

Colorado Cannabis Tours

What else can you expect in the state of Colorado? Freedom for cannabis users! Colorado Cannabis Tours is a company that specializes in offering private tours. As a matter of fact, it offers tours on Saturdays in Denver. As of the moment, they are considered as the largest and the longest running tour facility in town. The tours include exclusive access to the Medicine Man Denver together with Pete Williams. It is also considered as the only tour that comes with a live glass blower, as well as the participation of celebrity guests such as Tommy Chong. They also provide a wide array of 420 hotels that also include cannabis infused relaxing massages and airport pickups.


If you want to have an interesting adventure together with nature, CannaCamp is a great place to be. This is a place where cannabis fanatics will surely like. It gives focus on educational, engaging, as well as recreational activities. At the same time, there are a whole lot of things that can be done, seen, and learned here. The different activities range from yoga, painting, as well as high tea and glass blowing demonstrations, delicious meals and bonfires.

Bud and Breakfast

Bud and breakfast is a good option for a cannabis tourist destination. It comes is a bed and breakfast style, with three location options all over Colorado. Each location offers a wonderful experience. For example, in Silverthorne, you can have an amazing lodging experience at the Rocky Mountains. On the other hand, head up to San Ayre, which is situated in between the shopping and historic vacation districts. Each of these locations comes with a wake and bake breakfast, as well as a happy hour, that is, 4:20 which means complimentary servings of hors d’oeuvres, wine, beer, and a lot of recreational marijuana stuff.

My 420 Tours

Marijuana lovers can now experience an all-inclusive experience which has been primarily designed for them. This location is based outside Denver, with the goal of taking marijuana tourism to a higher level. The biggest hit offer is a luxurious weekend vacation that includes a relaxing cannabis massage, cooking class, grow and dispensary tour, nighttime events, as well as an all-exclusive herb concierge service. They also provide a 4-star accommodation, which is surely preferred by any marijuana lover.

This list is so exciting because in a world dominated by marijuana discrimination, there are actually people who have done their best in order to create the best tour experience for marijuana lovers. While these tourist destinations may be concentrated within Colorado, and some in Washington, they are the best destinations for pot heads who are looking for a great experience while enjoying their favorite passion.

For those who live near the areas, they are pretty much accessible. The possibility of having more states legalizing marijuana, including Canada in the years to come is quite real. With the herb tourism having a lot of potential and opportunities to offer, there is nothing more exciting on the part of the pot heads that being able to experience all of these soon.