Top Outdoor Marijuana Strains

For outdoor marijuana growing, getting the best quality outdoor pot seeds is very important, considering the stress that plants can experience outside. There are several marijuana strains that you can choose from. There are indica, sativa and hybrid types. Marijuana seeds are also classified as indoor and outdoor seeds.

In growing cannabis outdoors, pay close attention to seed selection. Marijuana flowering time will depend on the growing season unlike when you cultivate pot indoors where flowering phase can be induced through switching of light and dark periods. Outside growing condition cannot be controlled, so choosing the right marijuana strain to grow is of extreme importance.

Recommended Outdoor Marijuana Strains


Purple Power, Afghan, Super Skunk, White Widow, Shiva Shanti, Skunk Special and Bob Marley Sativa are among the top marijuana strains best grown outdoors. These cannabis strains possess a strong resistance against harsh environmental factors, pests and other plant diseases. You can search over the internet for additional list of top outdoor cannabis seeds.

Flowering Period of Outdoor Cannabis


Sativa marijuana types are commonly preferred for outdoor pot growing because they are much taller in height as compared to indicas. Since you are growing marijuana plants outdoors, the flowering phase will depend on the grow season and climate. Indica types have shorter flowering time but sativa cannabis plants grown outside take longer to flower. The usual flowering time expected if you are growing cannabis outdoors is from 10 to 13 weeks. Some hybrid marijuana types produce buds earlier even when grown outdoors.

Outdoor Pot Growing of Sativa Weed Plants


Sativa types of marijuana are usually grown outdoors because they have the ability to grow taller and produce long side branches. Sativas are mostly for outdoor weed growing. It takes longer for them to complete the growing cycle because they depend on the season. Harvest can take longer but potency of the buds is high.

Germinate marijuana seeds indoors and once the seeds have completely sprouted, you can begin transferring them outdoors. Choose the type of marijuana strain that can go well with the climate of your place. You have several options to choose from. There are strains that have the ability to resists the attack of common pests and other plant diseases, while others have a high cold resistance like Big Bud and First Girl. With outdoor cannabis growing, bigger yield can be expected. The amount of yield that you can expect from the chosen top marijuana strain will largely depend on the genetics, environment and how well the plants are cultivated outside.

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