Treatment and Pest Control in Growing Marijuana

Treatment and Pest Control in Growing Marijuana

Pest infestation is one of the problems causing headache to several pot growers. Once the marijuana plants are infested with pests, totally eliminating them is not an easy job to do. Pests are hard to eliminate once they have attacked your plants. What you can do is to control them from multiplying and spreading in your entire cannabis garden.

Common Pests Affecting Marijuana and How to Deal With Them

Spider mites- are very tiny, making them hard to recognize using your two naked eyes. They appear as white specks on the upper side of the marijuana leaves and are usually forming small webs which you can detect by water spraying. To deal with these pests, some growers remove them by hand. However, it cannot give you better results. The use of insecticides is one of the best pest control methods of eliminating spider mites. Phytoseiulus persimilis is a predator mite used to control multiplication of spider mites.

Thrips-have wings and is small, fast-moving insects that love to suck young and fresh pot leaves. These small insects appear as shiny and silvery spots on the leaves. Further multiplication of thrips can be controlled by using its natural enemy Amblyseius cucumeris. For maximum pest control, you can use insecticides.

White flies- are easily recognized using your naked eyes. They act and attack weed plants in a way that spider mites do. These insects can often be seen on the top side of the leaves. They appear as white spots and resembles like white moths. To control them from spreading, you can use assassinator wasps called Ichneumon fly. If pest control using assassinator wasps doesn’t work well, your next option is to treat the affected pot plants using insecticides.

Once pests have infested your cannabis plants, you will have a difficult time in eliminating them. There are several pest control methods available to eliminate pests. The use of predator mites is one. Other options include the use of organic pest control and spraying of insecticides.


  1. Barbara J Adkins says:

    I’m growing a weed plant and cant get it going cause it keeps dyeing on me, dont know what to do to get rid of these bugs and a cheap way, dont have the money to get anything to help my poor plants help me please.

  2. I have little white worms on the underside of my leaves and can’t find any information on them or how to kill them. Can you help?

    • I recommend that you spray it with Spinosad product. It’s organic and safe spray for worms. You can get one in Amazon.

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