What Is Hydroponics Marijuana Growing and How to Do It

In hydroponics marijuana growing, a sterile inert growing medium is used and not soil. The nutrients are given to the weed plants through the growing medium and the roots. The basic nutrients needed by cannabis plants include nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Secondary nutrients necessary for a healthy cannabis growth include magnesium, molybdenum, copper, sulfur, calcium, manganese, zinc and boron. The nutrient solution is supplied directly to the roots for maximum absorption.

Growing cannabis in hydroponics is preferred by many gardeners because of the advantages it brings. Because soil is not used as grow medium, weed plants are kept away from soil-borne diseases. Although it is quite costly during the initial set-up, marijuana growing using the hydroponics system will give higher yield.

Marijuana Products and Equipments for a Successful Hydroponic Cannabis Growing

Hydroponic fertilizer– this is to help promote strong roots and fast vegetative growth.

Growing medium– except soil, you can use grow mediums like rockwool, perlite and vermiculite or a combination of perlite and vermiculite.

Air stone and air pump– these things are needed to oxygenate the nutrient solution.You can choose a regular air pump like the ones commonly used in aquariums.

pH testing kit– this is for regular monitoring of the pH of the nutrient solution you are using in growing weed plants.

The Advantages Of Growing Weed In Hydroponics

– There is less space required per marijuana plant.

– Rapid growth of weed plants and higher yield

– Growing cycle is fast so you can harvest buds more often than growing cannabis in soil medium. The total growing time per harvest is shortened.

To start your weed growing project in hydroponics, get the best quality marijuana seeds to grow. Select a good growing medium and provide cannabis plants with the right nutrient solution. Hydroponic cannabis growing is not recommended for marijuana beginners because of technicalities involved. Technical knowledge is required to make hydroponics pot growing successful.

In running a hydroponics system, you need to ensure that electricity is always available. The indoor grow room where you will cultivate the marijuana plants needs to be cool. Installation of additional vent fans may be necessary to keep the area cool. Maintain the right level of temperature. Choose an excellent lighting system that can accommodate well the number of weed plants you are growing hydroponically. HID lights such as metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps are excellent for your hydroponic area.

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  1. I got a question i have a plant about month old now it is 4 inchs high and has the vegge leaves two of them don’t look like it is grow much.I have a 5 gallon DWC set up PH is at 5.0 useing the flora products in the water.


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