White Rhino Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy White Rhino Seeds

The White Rhino marijuana strain is just as strong as it sounds. It is an F1 hybrid of the White Widow cannabis strain. The White Rhino plant produces large buds that are covered in a heavy amount of white THC crystals. This pot has a very wet and pungent smell, with a hint of berries when smoked lightly. If this pot is smoked heavily though, it gives out a sour and rather unpleasant stench. The taste of this weed is a bit confusing at first, but ends up being interesting. What at first tastes like sour candy, shifts into a more sweet and tangy taste. The White Rhino marijuana strain has a long lasting effect and can even reach up to 4 hours! It has a very strong high kick though, and definitely not recommended for beginners by most smokers. This particular cannabis strain is most usually used for medical purposes in order to treat chronic pain, insomnia and anorexia.

Where to buy White Rhino cannabis seeds?

You can order White Rhino marijuana seeds from an online seedbank and they will ship your order to your address discretely. The shipping times of the high quality marijuana seeds may vary depending on where you are located at. Your order may come with some free marijuana seeds depending on the terms of the online marijuana seedbank.

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White Rhino Marijuana Specification

Type: Mostly indica
Flowering Period: 55-65 days
Climate: Indoor or outdoor
Yield: 400g (indoor)- 500g (outdoor)/m2
Stone: Creeper
THC Level: High
Height: Average height
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Special Features of White Rhino

1. White Rhino holds some excellent features as a result of crossbreeding a strong indica variety and the most powerful strain which is the White Widow.

2. It has a high THC level and has been seen with good medical values that are beneficial for people with stomach disorders and those suffering from migraine, back pain and arthritis. White Rhino is also good as nausea relief.

3. Smoking White Rhino buds will produce a kind of high that starts from the head to the body. It gives the smoker a quick powerful body buzz effect.

4. Another great feature is that, White Rhino can produce bigger yield even when cultivated by the hands of non-expert pot growers.

Growing White Rhino Tips

White Rhino can be grown successfully outdoors even with less maintenance. This strain loves sunlight so choosing the best location to grow it is necessary. Allow the plants to grow in a place where they can receive abundant sunlight and you can be assured of having good yield.