10 Things that you want to Know about Hydroponics Marijuana Growing

In the Latin language, hydroponics literally means “water work”. Cultivating your plants in a hydroponics setup means using either a flow or bath of water that is nutrient enriched or highly oxygenated. This process of hydroponics also means that the plants are grown in a sterile, inert grow medium rather than growing them in the soil, which is the traditional means. The nutrient requirements of the plants are also supplemented when water is mixed with the nutrient solution. The method of hydroponics growing introduces the nutrients, water, and air into the roots via growing mediums. Since this method also bypasses the root web, as well as the required energy for your plants to get the nutrients needed, you can expect to get plants that grow faster.

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In order to be successful when it comes to growing marijuana plants under the hydroponics setup, there are things that you definitely have to know and take into consideration. Here are 10 of them:

  • Marijuana plants do not need to survive in soil. What they need, however, are nutrients. They need nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. Those are considered as macroelements, while there are also microelements that are necessary. In hydroponics, the water used is enriched with these nutrients, creating a perfectly balanced solution.
  • As the water starts to evaporate, it is also absorbed by the marijuana plants. When that happens, the water reservoir level will eventually drop. In order to deal with this, you can add tap water which has already been aged 3 days or more.
  • Change your nutrient solution once every two weeks. This means discarding your old solution and cleaning out the pumps, reservoir, as well as the other equipment with hot water.
  • Make sure to check on the root length at least every few weeks. It may be difficult to remove the cups from the plants because the roots have already anchored to the internal channel and the roots are really long. If they have already grown long, it is important to trim them, but not too short to touch the narrow area where the nutrient solution enters.
  • Ebb and Flow systems are highly recommended by most hydroponic growers because they come with low maintenance, ease of use and high productivity. This is not just recommended for beginners, but even for those who are already considered experts.
  • While it is possible to use other types of marijuana lighting which includes High-Intensity Discharge (HID), High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH), more and more growers are now seeing the benefits of using LED grow lights.
  • Growing from seeds is recommended over growing from clones. There are already several reliable seed banks where you can get them from. There are also several benefits of getting them from trusted sources, such as online seed banks.
  • It is recommended as well to prepare the set up of your hydroponic garden even before starting to germinate your seeds. However, you may skip this part if you are planning to use clones.
  • There are different growing mediums that you can choose from. One of them is Rockwool. While the media proves as the material in which the roots can grow in, it does not provide nutrition. It still boils down to the type of hydroponic solution that you choose.
  • Make sure that you also take into consideration space in between the plants. If they are too close to each other, they may dry and eventually turn brown. On the other hand, if they are too far from each other, you may only be wasting your space.

Indeed, there are several advantages to hydroponics marijuana growing compared to other types of growing methods. The most important thing that you have to consider is that you need to have at least some experience in growing other plants before you start growing marijuana in hydroponics setup. When moving to the hydroponics setup, you can expect to get better yields compared to soil growing. It can also shorten the growing times right from the start to finish.

With hydroponics, you only concentrate in maximizing the operation by making good use of the different factors which gives the possibility of your crops giving out maximum yields, particularly focusing on the nutrients, light, CO2 ventilation, and of course, choosing the right quality of seeds.

Another reminder. Make sure that you keep your hydroponics growing a secret. A lot of growers face consequences just by telling other people, even those who are close to them. Start small, and when you finally learn the tricks, you can move to producing more plants.