20 Facts about Marijuana that you May Not Know

The never-ending debates about the legalization of marijuana continue as more people become exposed to its benefits.

Do you consider yourself a regular marijuana user? Do you think you know everything about marijuana based on your experience? If you think you know all the details, think again. Marijuana is more interesting and historically significant than you give it credit for. See for yourself.

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Marijuana and World History

– 10,000 years ago, hemp fibers (marijuana subspecies) are widely used to decorate pottery in ancient Taiwanese culture.

– The world-famous Easter Island’s stone statues were transported using hemp ropes as proved by Carl Lipo, an archaeologist from California State Long Beach University.

George Washington is one of the few important personalities who grew hemp in his own backyard.

– A pot haze can be observed wafting above the world heritage site Pantheon.

– The first people to use cannabis were the Egyptians. They used the plant to heal tumors back in the day.

Marijuana and Dependence

– Marijuana is reportedly less harmful compared to tobacco and alcohol.

– Females are reportedly more prone to dependence due to their higher sensitivity to weed compared to males. The hormone at fault is estrogen and studies show that abundance of this hormone during ovulation makes women highly sensitive to cannabis effects.

– Based on recent studies, only 9% of marijuana users become dependent.

– You have to consume 1500 pounds of marijuana in 15 minutes to overdose.

– Although certain addiction cases have been reported, there was never a single reported death caused by marijuana.

Marijuana and Diseases

– A compound that can be derived from marijuana has the ability to freeze cancer cells and ultimately stop them from spreading further.

– Medical marijuana has been widely used to ease glaucoma.

– Medical marijuana was known to treat muscle spasms and epilepsy by the introduction of an Irish doctor named William Brook O’Shaughnessy.

– A study of 5000 people showed that people who smoke pot have a strong lung capacity. Since it contains THC and cannabinoids, smoking a few joints can discourage the formation of cancer.

– The top three conditions used for getting medical cannabis are depression, arthritis, and chronic pain.

Marijuana and Random Facts

– Statistics show that 42% of the American population has tried marijuana at least once.

– Beer hops and marijuana plants belong to the same family, so beer and pot are supposed to be cousins.

– Colorado has more medical marijuana dispensaries than the number of Starbucks locations.

– Indoor marijuana growth accounts for 9% of the total household electric consumption in California.

– The total growth of marijuana in Australia is three times larger than the global growth average.

– There are even more things about Cannabis sativa that only a few users know. It has advantages in other aspects like cooking and gardening as well. While it is still not legal in some places in the world, more and more people are starting to realize its significance in the economic and health sectors.

Those are just some of the many things that you might not know about marijuana yet.