3 New Cannabis Strains to be Launched by a Canadian Marijuana Seeds Company

Just this year, Crop King Seeds, a Canadian marijuana breeder, has released what the seed company calls as the world’s first recreational marijuana ad published on the internet.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

The Vancouver based company has shown a part advertisement, part pro-marijuana message. More ads followed which show how serious this company is not just solely in making money but helping medical and recreational marijuana users to get access to high quality strains that they have promised in their website (CropKingSeeds.com).

We like to see new strains being added to the cannabis world thus we would like to let you know about the new strains this company has to offer. We are not getting any commission or anything from the company. We just want to let our websites’ readers to know about some new strains  that you can try.

For the other marijuana seed banks out there who want to inform our readers about your new strains, drop us a message and let’s exchange messages.

New Strains of Crop King Seeds

Jack Herer Autoflowering

Jack Herer is in autoflowering form which is a Sativa dominant. It can take up to 8 weeks to finish flowering and can reach up to 3 and half feet with long branches and thin leaves. It is small enough to fit into any size of room thus this is also good for those who want to stay stealthy. Yes, this is similar to the ever famous Jack Herer yet an upgraded version with Ruderalis genes that make it autoflowering.

White Cookies

The ever popular White Widow was genetically combined with Girl Scout Cookies to come up with our own White Cookies. It comes with White Widow’s potency of high THC levels, white crystals and the medical and other premium properties of Girl Scout Cookies. It is very easy to grow indoors and outdoors.

Crown Royale Feminized

They consider it as the “best of” in all categories. This was bred for commercial, home and medical growers which is very easy to cultivate with strong levels in both CBD and THC. Crown Royale is a combo of Blueberry and Purple Kush.

There you have it! I can see that the three new strains have potentials. Let’s see what other people have to say about these strains after growing them.