4 Ways to Consume Marijuana

There are 4 ways on how you can consume marijuana nowadays but there might be more ways to come in the future which aren’t invented yet. 🙂


Smoking is the most popular form of consuming marijuana. Different people from different places are very familiar with using this top inhalation method of marijuana consumption. Smoking can be done using the basic rolling papers or with the use of various devices. Rolling papers are used to smoke joints or blunts. Joints refer to marijuana leaves rolled in a paper while blunts refer to marijuana leaves rolled in a cigar paper. These are meant for people who love the mixture of cannabis and nicotine in their system.

Other than the traditional rolling papers, inhalation of marijuana can also be done using hookahs, hand pipes, water pipes, and vaporizers. Devices such as hand and water pipes for marijuana consumption come in variety but basically, they are made for convenience. They are portable and they come in different styles, which make it one of the many things collected by marijuana aficionados.

Vaporizers are common for medical marijuana users. These vaporizers are able to extract the THC, CBD, and cannabinoids that your system needs, making it a safer choice for marijuana users. For those who have limited resources, they make their very own pipe setup or homemade smoking device. The health risk in using this kind of devices may vary depending on the material used.


Most of the cannabis edibles are based on ingredients containing high fat such as butter. Cannabis extracts are mixed with these fat-based ingredients to make food items such as brownies, cakes, and other pastries. Other cannabis extracts are also combined with other recipes to make a more fun-tasting derivation.

These edibles have varied effects in the body, depending on the concentration of THC, CBD, and cannabinoids present. It may also depend on the amount of extract being used for that particular recipe or to the type of strain where the extract is from. There are several cannabis recipes that you can explore online. Most are basic food items, which you can readily prepare at home. Take note that the key ingredient in making these edibles is that it should be based in fats or oils.


Medical marijuana may also come in capsulated forms. These capsules contain a various concentration of medical marijuana, which depends greatly on the need of the user. These are produced with the consistency of oil because the cannabinoids can only be soluble with oil. This promising combination makes it a therapeutic compound that treats different health conditions.


Marijuana can be extracted in many ways and these concentrates in the form of wax, hash, topical creams, and tinctures are also known to be effective. Topical creams or waxes are formulated in the belief that they are able to treat external conditions like skin allergies, acne, muscle pains, and another form of pain. They do not give the users the kind of high that elevates your brain state but a soothing sensation instead. Tinctures are marijuana extracts in liquid form. They are made for those who are in dosage control and these are dropped on the tongue for consumption.

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