5 Countries Where Marijuana is Cheap

If you have turned to marijuana for your regular consumption, you definitely want to make sure that you can get the most out of it without burning a hole in your pocket. Unfortunately, however, this rare commodity is not priced equally in all countries. There are some that have to deal with its high prices, while some are just naturally blessed with cheaper options. The following are the 10 countries where marijuana is cheap.

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In Uruguay, marijuana is legalized, used and regulated. It is even considered as a major crop here. For this reason, there are a lot of growers of this famous crop here, making it amazingly inexpensive. As a matter of fact, one gram of marijuana can only be purchased at $1. This amount is set by the drug laws of the country. It is also possible to grow up to six marijuana plants legally, for use personally. Even though the country has not yet implemented its own system for marijuana system, currently, there are over 2,700 registered growers all over the country.


Good news to marijuana fanatics in the country, it has recently been approved in Brazil the actual use of CBD, a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis in treating people who are suffering from different serious disorders and illnesses, epilepsy included. Despite the fact that CBD may not be produced within the country, weed comes common in its natural plant form. As of the moment, there is a growing movement for legalization that has staged several rallies and marches with the goal of advancing the legality of using marijuana in Brazil. Marijuana is available in Brazil for a price of $2.41/gram.


Contrary to what many may have thought, India is actually very familiar to growing cannabis. In the country, weed is regarded as one of the five sacred plants in their culture. As such, this plant has become a very common feature in this region for several thousands of years back. Even though the people, and the country, are fully aware of its existence, it does not mean that they are still friendly to this plant. As a matter of fact, starting in 1961, the nation signed a treaty which imposed a substance blanket ban, together with other harder drugs.

Marijuana is currently common, cheap, yet questionable legally in India. In fact, it comes at a price of $3.03/gram. Weed grows on wide pieces of land, cultivated and wild.  There are certain regions that allow smaller amounts for growing for personal use, while there are also some religious groups that are allowed to use it for their rituals and ceremonies. Still, it is illegal.


In Afghanistan, weed is available at a price of $4.35/gram. For this reason, it has been reported that this country is currently considered as the top Marijuana producer all over the world, taking the top spot from Morocco. This country is home to expansive, wild fields where marijuana can freely grow in the wild. However, as the drug market starts to change, the country has also responded accordingly, ending up with a production of more marijuana compared before, that is, about 1,500 to 3,500 tons each year.

The process involved in the production of marijuana is a fast and non-expensive industrial feature that entails some worrying on the part of the producers. This is because previously, there were certain problems in dealing with opium that were handled accordingly as well.

South Africa

Just recently, a portion of the legislation was announced in the parliament, stating that they would start legalizing marijuana, particularly for medical use, if the legislation is passed. However, according to some experts on drug reform, they doubt that it would pass as marijuana is decriminalized currently in South Africa. One of the reasons for such decriminalization may have been related to the reports that drug traffickers have combined marijuana, rat poison and heroin in creating a dangerous type of drug known as nyope. In the country, the price of marijuana is at $4.45/gram.

Take note, however, that this list does not include those countries in which there were less than 100 marijuana users who submitted data regarding cannabis costs. If you are in the market for this plant, you may realize that the legal options are quite limited. Even though the cultivation of this plant has already become widespread, the legality of its status is still just starting to shift.

Despite the fact that this plant can easily grow almost anywhere, its legal limitations also dictate its pricing in the market. Aside from the countries mentioned above, other countries that also grow marijuana experience this fact.