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Flash Autoflowering Review

A professional cannabis auto-flowering breeder and an aficionado have created this company through its numerous experiences and extensive research over the past decades. By this time, the company produced unique auto-flowering strains most especially that Sativa dominant as such as Annapurna, Sky Nirvana which customers calls Super Automatics for its short heights and astounding cannabis […]

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AK 47 XTRM Autoflowering Feminized Strain Review

The AK 47 XTRM auto-feminized strain is considered to be one of the newest and yet most potent strains in the world. This particular strain has all the characteristics passed down from its ancestors which are the original AK 47 and the White Widow XTRM. This strain is well known for its potency, soft taste, […]

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Can Marijuana Autoflowering Seeds Grow into Reliable Mother Plants?

Autoflowering cannabis typically goes through the flowering phase regardless of the light schedule included by the grower. This implies that it is not possible to force an autoflowering plant to stay in the vegetative phase by simply altering patterns. Because of this, most farmers make good use of this quality in order to create quality […]

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How to Make Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds have created some noise in the cannabis scene during the past few years. Coming from the excitement of the release of some quality strains, autoflowering marijuana seeds producing autoflowering strains have significantly become a hot topic. With their continuous rise in terms of popularity, a lot of growers are now searching to develop […]

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Why Grow Autoflowering Marijuana Plants

Marijuana is one of the plants which are delicately grown. This has a number of species which growers can select from. Experienced weed farmers and novice growers who are just beginning to know the important details on how to grow weed are generally choose from traditional and autoflowering marijuana plants as these are the most […]

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Critical Bilbo Marijuana Strain Review

Critical Bilbo is a mysteriously powerful strain, one of the parent strains in the spotlights being the notorious heavy producer – Critical Mass. Although a balanced hybrid, Critical Bilbo leans much more on its Indica character, winning several Cannabis Cups throughout the years for its extreme potency. Critical Bilbo Specifications: A Quick Peekaboo Type: 50% […]

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White Cheese Strain Review

White Cheese is an Indica-dominant autoflowering marijuana strain that carries a combination of powerful genetics of White Widow and an auto Cheese strain variety. This bud is the product of a powerful blend which is treasured by growers and users all over the globe. White Cheese is the offspring of three-way crossed strains which are […]

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Six Shooter Marijuana Strain Review

Six Shooter is a sativa dominant strain that is a joy for breeders to cultivate. It is an autoflowering plant that is surprisingly easy to grow for one with sativa dominance. It has a delicious mix of flavors with hints of pine, citrus, and pepper notes all in one hit making this a great choice […]

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