Afghani Bullrider Strain Review

Probably one of the most beautiful plants that one can find is the Afghani Bullrider. It exhibits light green buds that are also covered in orange hair. one can find that it has a smell that is a mixture of sweet and sour plus a bit of pine freshness. This is one of those strains that can hit one heavily but at the same time, one is not knocked out completely. It differs with other indicas In that way and its effects usually begin from the brain and then moves to the nerves which in turn makes the body relax.

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Useful Information About The Afghani Bullrider

According to clinical analysis, the Afghani Bullrider has high levels of both THC and CBD. It is also used for medical treatment of insomnia, chronic pain and even in anxiety. The story behind this plant is that it is said to have been bred by a certain professional bullrider who had a strong passion for growing cannabis. It comes from the Afghani Landrace. The buds of the plant are grape shaped and are very dense. The nugs are very frosty and they also have white trichomes that come in chunks. It’s one of the very potent indica strains that are widely used medically.

Afghani Bullrider Weed Strain Specifications

Type: Indica
Flowering Period: 9 weeks
Climate: Indoors / Outdoors
Yield: Good to High Good to High
Flavors: Sweet, berry, herbal, fruity, spicy, pine, and honey
THC Level:15 to 21% High
Height: Short
Growing Difficulty: Intermediate

What are the Effects of Afghani Bullrider?

It mostly affects the cerebral part of the body and gives the user a euphoric effect. It also helps make the user feel happier and creative.

What are the Medical Benefits of Afghani Bullrider?

The Afghani Bullrider helps in relieving symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia, migraine, loss of appetite, nausea, depression, bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia, and hypertension.

What are the Negative Effects that one can expect from Afghani Bullrider?

Some of the negative effects that one can expect from the Afghani Bullrider would be having dry mouth, dry eyes, being anxious, being dizzy and a slight sense of paranoia.

Tips for Growing Afghani Bullrider

If ever one does plan on growing the Afghani Bullrider, one should wait until about half of the trichomes are ready for harvesting before doing any other harvest especially when it is still in the middle of its flowering period.