Afghani Review

The heavy Indica strain known as Afghani named after where it originated, which is the same place where the original marijuana or hashish varieties were grown. The Afghani is treasured by breeders worldwide for its genetic predisposition for heavy resin production that can be seen by its direct offspring and its hybrid counterparts.

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Indica lovers everywhere use Afghani as their measuring stick of purity, traveling all the way to Pakistan and the Afghan border to get to Hashish Country and have the sweet, earthy, and pine taste of herbal Indica bliss. The purest and most unaltered local seeds provide them a direct link to the past, where hashish and marijuana originated.

Afghani Weed Strain Specifications

Type: Indica
Flowering Period: 45 days (6 weeks)
Climate: Mediterranean
Yield: High
Flavors: Earthy, sweet, pine, herbal, spicy
THC Level: 16%
Height: Tall
Growing Difficulty: Beginner

What are the Effects of Afghani?

Afghani, like classic hashish are recorded in the history books, gives the user a body high, a strong sense of euphoria, and a mood boost while at the same time keeping you deeply relaxed. You can even use it to fall asleep at night in case you’re suffering from insomnia since it induces drowsiness and slumber.

What are the Medical Benefits of Afghani?

 Again, the relaxation and sleepiness effects of the potent Indica plant makes it the perfect hash for treatment of anxiety, stress disorders, depression, and insomnia. It can also help alleviate or treat mild to chronic pain, appetite loss, migraines, PMS, and ADD/ADHD.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Afghani?

 The typical symptoms of dry mouth, dry eyes, headaches, and dizziness should be expected. There’s also a chance of slight paranoia as well, even though it runs in contrast to the euphoria and happiness brought  by this strain.

Tips for Growing Afghani

 A beginner can grow an Afghani plant because it’s a strain that’s known as a fast, easy-growing indoor cannabis with a decent amount of yield. In fact, its resin production is almost frightening. Even outdoors at your yard, it should survive provided you have a subtropic climate in your area. Expect to get uniform crops and outstanding pure Indica mother plants from this particular strain.