Afghanica Review

The Afghanica an Afghani variety of strain with the typical taste, form, and effects of that specific family. It also benefits from the Skunk line of potency, vigor, and yield, making this marijuana plant a joy to grow and consume.

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The Afghanica’s main claim to fame is its medical applications when it comes to insomnia treatment and pain relief. Meanwhile, its look is quite reminiscent of its mother, the Afghani #1. Also known as Kabul Baba, the Afghanica strain has a perfect blend of Skunk and Afghani #1, resulting in a stout, hearty structure and loads of resin content.

Afghanica Weed Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-Sativa hybrid (Indica dominant)
Flowering Period: 55-60 days (7-8 weeks)
Climate: Continental
Yield: Moderate
Flavors: Harsh, earthy, sweet
THC Level: 18.3%
Height: Medium
Growing Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

What are the Effects of Afghanica?

The effects of Afghanica is more of getting stoned than becoming as high as a kite. By consuming this cannabis type, you’ll mostly end up relaxed and sleepy, as though it’s a sedative. This is followed by feelings of happiness and hungriness (a case of the munchies, if you will). Lastly, there’s a bit of an edge in the sensation in the form of anxiety.

What are the Medical Benefits of Afghanica?

Doctors prescribe smoking Afghanica to help relieve your stress and to assist you in sleeping if you’re an insomniac. It’s mainly what you use to treat depression. A little bit less in terms of stress, pain, insomnia, and nausea therapy but if you want to feel happy and relaxed, you can use this strain to lift your spirits up.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Afghanica?

The negative effects or side effects of Afghanica include dry mouth, dizziness, dry eyes, and anxiety. There are fewer chances in regards to anxiety but there’s almost an absolute certainty you’ll feel dizzy and get a dry mouth after inhaling some Afghanica goodness.

Tips for Growing Afghanica

Afghanica is a self-maintaining kind of cannabis plant (the best kind for beginners). If you want to do indoor 12/12 light cycles, you’ll need more intermediate gardening skills to make it work. However, for the most part, this strain takes care of itself, surviving in a continental climate with cold winters and hot summers.