Afkansastan Review

As its name suggests, it’s a strain that’s a mix between Afghanistan and Kansas strains. Or, to be more specific, this cannabis roots from a relaxing Afghan landrace strain that has a lot of wallop from its effects. You will be sedated when taking the Afkansastan, which in turn curbs physical discomfort for good measure.

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This Indica-dominant strain allows for the creation of stout plants with dark and dense green buds that have hints of brick red to purple pistils The plant smells sweet and earthy but its flavor is more reminiscent of stony berry fruit after it been grinded to hash and prepared for smoking. It can even ignite appetite and help alleviate insomnia.

Afkansastan Weed Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-Sativa hybrid (Indica dominant)
Flowering Period: 45-50 days (6-7 weeks)
Climate: Indoor (controlled), Mediterranean
Yield: High
Flavors: Tobacco, earthy, fruity, citrus, sweet
THC Level: 15%
Height: Medium
Growing Difficulty: Intermediate

What are the Effects of Afkansastan?

Taking Afkansastan will induce euphoria, giddiness in the form of random giggles, and happiness from a full-bodied high. It’s a special kind of herb that serves as your happy pills if it were available in pill form. It tastes like honeysuckle mixed with earthy tobacco yet gives you a mellow buzz afterward along with a case of the munchies.

What are the Medical Benefits of Afkansastan?

In terms of medical treatment, you can depend on the giggle-inducing Afkansastan to treat depression, headaches, chronic pain, nausea, and cramps. It’s also dependable as a means of inducing appetite, relieving anxiety through sedation, and alleviating insomnia due to its sleepiness effects.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Afkansastan?

As for side effects, expect to get dry eyes and dry mouth from the strain. You might also consider the fit of giggles you have after smoking this cannabis type as a detriment, but other people might find this laughing gas effect charming instead.

Tips for Growing Afkansastan

Afkansastan grows best in Mediterranean or sunny climates, so let it grow in your yard if that’s the case with your area. Otherwise, you can induce flowering and get a decent amount of indoor yield from it by following the hydro or soil route and making a 12/12 light cycle for it.