Alien Hallucination Strain Review

Let a potent hybrid strain abduct your mind as you leave your body in a relaxed state with Alien Hallucination. This is a strain that came from the marriage of a Tahoe Alien and an LSD. Alien Hallucination has a strong psychedelic high that will give you interesting hallucinations for an out of this world experience. Crazy visions and dreams will fill your mind but as the effect wears off, you will feel an overwhelming high. And aside from its recreational effects, Alien Hallucination is also prized for its therapeutic effect on pain, tremors, and depression.

Type: Balanced hybrid, 50% indica/ 50% sativa

Flowering Period: 9 weeks

Climate: Moderate

Yield: Moderate

Flavors: Lemon, chemical and sweet

THC Level: 20% to 24%

Height: Moderate

Growing Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

What are the effects of Alien Hallucination?

Alien Hallucination will launch you to happy land with its euphoric psychedelic effects. You will become very energetic and even talkative which could be a good way to socialize at an event or party. Eventually, the effects of Alien Hallucination will wear off and you will be hungry, relaxed and sleepy.

What are the medical benefits of Alien Hallucination?

This strain is useful for the relief of stress, depression, and fatigue.  You will be able to get natural relief for pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation when you use this strain regularly.

What are the negative effects that you can expect from Alien Hallucination?

Almost all cannabis strains can cause dry mouth and eyes and Alien Hallucination is no exception. It can also cause anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia, especially for first-time users. If you are new to this strain, you must exercise caution and use it in moderation.

Tips for Growing Alien Hallucination

You can grow this strain indoors or outdoors but outdoor growing can give you more yields. When choosing an indoor setup, give your plants enough space, adequate lighting and the best organic nutrients. Train your plants early so you’ll have the guarantee of a good harvest. Monitor your plant’s health well and be mindful of mold growth and pest infestations.