Aliens on Moonshine Strain Review

Here’s another weird name for a strain; Aliens on Moonshine is a CBD-rich strain from Sin City Seeds. It is a phenotype of The Cali Connection’s Sour Alien married to a White Moonshine. Aliens on Moonshine is an indica-dominant strain with a weird smell, a combination of sweet, sour and an irritating chemical smell. But aside from its physical characteristics, this strain shines the most when it comes to its uplifting and clearheaded effects.

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid, 80% indica/ 20% sativa

Flowering Period: 9 weeks

Climate: Moderate

Yield: Moderate

Flavors: Berry, citrusy, fruity and sweet

THC Level: 7% – 9%, CBD: 16%

Height: Moderate

Growing Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

What are the effects of Aliens on Moonshine?

Because of Aliens on Moonshine’s high CBD effects, it is a prized therapeutic strain. The effects start as a mellow high that improves your mood. Then you will become overpowered with an urge to create as you start to feel focused and happy. The effects end with a crashing relaxing feeling that takes you to bed; happy and contented.

What are the medical benefits of Aliens on Moonshine?

Aliens on Moonshine is a treatment for a number of medical conditions. It is a foremost treatment for pain, headaches, and inflammation. It will leave you pain-free for a longer period of time without using drugs that may have dangerous side effects. It can also be used to control nausea and inflammation. Finally, this strain is a good treatment for stress and depression.

What are the negative effects that you can expect from Aliens on Moonshine?

Aliens on Moonshine has a few undesirable effects. It causes dry mouth and dry eyes. First-time use can also lead to dizziness and anxiety which will gradually reduce as you use this strain on a regular basis.

Tips for Growing Aliens on Moonshine

Aliens on Moonshine may be grown indoors or outdoors. When grown indoors, make sure that your plants get enough light and have adequate space to grow and thrive. Prune and train your plants early. Give your plants natural and organic plant food to support its growth especially during the vegetative phase.