Altra Campagna Review

An Italian based company that has been known on technological cannabis innovation selling products and services to customers as related to plant cultivation. They sell grow light, hydroponics, fertilizers, pesticides, and several seeds including cannabis. Aside from that, the company offers purchase of cosmetic products such as shampoos, skin care, and soaps. All their products are purely organic and are developed with the top-researchers and architects in the Italian peninsula. That is why you could ensure the best quality coming from them.

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Best Features of AltraCampagna

Shipping Information

The company allows the shipping of their products worldwide. A 4 euros minimum fee is paid for shipping of equipment. Thus, shipping fees depend on the location and the number of equipment, tools, or seeds being delivered.

Seed Selection

They sell various seeds such as red basil, cypress, cotton, and dragon tree. Along with it, they sell cannabis seeds. Their seeds are mostly from breeders like Barney’s Farm. However, if you’ll take a visit to their website, you’ll find that the company does not sell cannabis seeds anymore. But nonetheless, the company is still continuing its operation not just through online. Cannabis seeds are specifically negotiated over the counter since there are strict regulations and laws regarding it.

Website Functionality

Since the company does not sell cannabis seeds online, you’ll expect to not find cannabis seeds on its website. Nonetheless, it sells growing equipment such as grow lights, fertilizers, and other marijuana paraphernalia. Their website is in Italian texts so readily translate it in Google Translator to easily navigate through the page.

Pricing and Payments

For cannabis seeds, it is assumed that payments are readily transacted directly. As for other products, you could pay online or credit card as a method of payment.

What We Like About AltraCampagna

  • Functional Website
  • Multiple Media for Contact and Support

What We don’t like about AltraCampagna

  • Delivery is Bounded
  • No Cannabis Seeds on its Website

Our Verdict

If you are looking for growing tools and equipment, then this store is perfect for you. It sells pesticides, fertilizers, grow lights, and many more. Their products have been the result of the course of research and innovation to give the best quality as needed. Their products are mostly organic so you’re plants are guaranteed safe and secure. Nonetheless, it is still quite unknown if they sell cannabis seeds. Though, certain reviews tell that they sell cannabis seeds. For confirmation, just contact them for inquiries and details regarding that matter.